Around the Dial: Boys, education and the media

A sampling of what's happening "around the dial". The binding themes are boys and education, and the mainstream media's handling of this problematic issue.

11D notes the recent hand-wringing in the mainstream media about boys' education in "The Boys Lag Behind". She seems to support the "boys have different needs in schools" argument, drawing upon her experience with her son.

Over at Echidne of the Snakes, the Goddess takes issue with the media's blanket generalizations, and throws race and class into the pot. "The Trouble with Girls Against Boys" mocks the Newsweek article, stating “If we continue down this road, horrible things will happen, horrible. Like smart women won't be able to find husbands. The article quotes every biased right-winger 'scientist' I've ever heard...

Mr. Shakes at Shakespeare's Sister asks readers what they think before offering his own thoughts on the matter: “One of the more curious hypotheses that I've read is that the current expectation in the classroom… is not conducive to the education of boys, given their rambunctious and unfocused natures. However, this assertion is counterintuitive.” Read on for the historical explanation!

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Melinda Casino, Contributing Editor, Feminism & Gender
Sour Duck / Sour Duck's Link Blog


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