Latin American food blogs: Fish with lime and roast guinea pig

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El Buen Diente is a Peruvian cooking blog, with photos and recipes. Buen Diente bloggers Paula, Leuzor, and others write about lucuma ice cream, ceviche, and other great classics of Peruvian cuisine. I'm a huge fan of Peruvian ceviche, myself... raw fish, tons of lime, onions, corn, and spicy peppers! Yum! That brings me to another great Peruvian cooking blog, this one in English: Peru Food by El Gato Volador. He doesn't focus on recipes, but instead on the history and culture of Peruvian food: check out the details of roast guinea pigs, or cuy. Now, if I ever see a cuyeria, I'll know what it is.

Annarela, or Diva, from Peru, but now lives in Bogotá, Colombia and keeps a recipe blog,
Ambrosia Gourmet. She has some nice looking spicy Peruvian seafood recipes, but also.... horrors! One for cocktail weenies! Diva's personal blog, chatty and fun, with photos, is at "Aqui... en Colombia".

Mucho Gusto Peru is one of several blogs kept by María Elena Cornejo, a journalist and food critic who is especially interested in homemade, healthy, gourmet baby food, which she writes about on Comer y crecer. Lucuma milkshakes, fruit with wheat germ, and more.

Thamara Pereira, from Caracas, writes "Apuntes de Cocina y Protocolo", a blog with extremely detailed, interesting gourmet chef tips about products and procedure - for example, here's (Spanish and English), the history of sake... and, not directly about food but my favorite of her posts: pasta-shaped pillows ( you HAVE to see the photos.) Thamara's blog is nicely organized with a sidebar of categories: History of Gastronomy, Recipes, Ingredients, Restaurants - it's very impressive.

In passing, I notice that all the cooking blogs I find link to Chef Melissa De León's Cooking Diva, the award winning blog from Panama, which I've linked to before from BlogHer.

If you make anything from these blogs, write and let their authors know in their comments!

I'm thinking that instead of cooking I might head up to San Francisco soon, inspired by all these descriptions of Peruvian food, and go to Limón to try the lucuma ice cream.

Contributing Editor Liz Henry also blogs at Composite and Badgermama.


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