Pirates, Metrosexuals and The Great Eyeliner Hunt

For some women, wearing makeup every day is a must. And one of the most challenging of beauty tips is applying eyeliner...without smearing or looking as if you haven't slept in days...can drive a person batty!

No one knows this better than Jill of Jilbean, who was kind enough to send me an email and open my eyes to something called, "The Great Eyeliner Hunt:"

Another blogger (Blogdorf Goodman) started "the Great Mascara Hunt" where many bloggers reviewed mascara's looking for the best one. Well - now is time for "the Great Eyeliner Hunt". I will refer you to my eyeliner observation that I blogged about in the past..."Makeup Observations". Please let me know if you do blog about eyeliner...I will do my best to make sure to post wrap ups and what not....Figure the eyeliner hunt will go on till the end of July.

Hmmm...sounds like fun...and Annieytown of Blogdorf Goodman (a girl with too many coats, an addiction to fragrances and product reviews that are quite...fetching) starts the ball (or, in this case, applicator) rolling:

I will be honest...I am not much of an "eyeliner experimenter". I stick to two brands. The brands are [Mac Cosmetics] and [Nars Cosmetics].
MAC makes great eyeliners. They are soft, easy to manage, sharpen well, do not fall apart, have great staying power and live a long life. I work my MAC pencils till they are a nub.
So what is the best MAC color? My personal favorite is Buried Treasure. The perfect black with a subtle gold/green cast. You can never go wrong with it.

Okay, Jilbean...**batting eyelashes**...seeing as I've got this thing (read: obsession) about makeup...I'm taking you up on your invite and am happy to blog an observation of my own.

How about men...wearing eyeliner?

Yes, I'm talking about men who wear makeup -- believe it or not, they are out there! -- and the women who love them...not so much:

Arieanna of She Knows Best heard it, too:

Although I am not even going to suggest you follow this trend, I just heard this tidbit on the radio:

"Sales of make-up for men have gone up 800%"


If you are a man wearing makeup, perhaps you can clue me in?

Well, Arieanna, let's ask the men - that is to say, AskMen.com did - "Should Men Wear Makeup?" and 25 of them answered Douglas Cooney's article, where he posted two replies, from both sides of the camp:

"Today's sophisticated man should be concerned with how he looks, since it is his appearance that people first see and remains a major factor in how they gauge him... Men's cosmetics are there to help him look his best."

And the flip side says:

"Men wearing makeup is proof positive that manhood is doomed. When more and more men take on the things that are associated with the opposite sex, they gradually cease to be men. Being a man is about brains, brawn and work, not about looking cute."

Sales of men's grooming products prove otherwise, according to USA Today - a nice smelling man is good to find:

From 2000 to 2004, the number of men's personal care products rose 285%, according to Mintel's Global New Products Database. Since then, marketers have added 194 products that range from high-end to everyday brands:

•L'Oreal. Using high-tech formulations, it introduced Men's Expert, a line of eight skin care products for men as they age.

•Gillette. The Complete Skincare line, out in February, includes a cleansing bar and wash, shave gel and facial moisturizer with SPF 15.

•Suave. The Unilever brand recently rolled out hair care, body washes and styling gel under the moniker Suave for Men.

Interesting - although, men have been known to wear some form of makeup for centuries - it seems that the popularity of men's grooming products..is growing:

Though women's products still make up the majority of the $2.1 billion personal care segment, men represent a big growth opportunity. In fact, last year growth in sales of men's grooming products outpaced women's grooming products overall for the second consecutive year, trend tracker NPD Beauty says. In 2004, sales of men's skin care products grew 13% to $59 million, while women's grew just 6%.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing, according to Tanya, perhaps some men can look good...wearing makeup:

...guys in eyeliner don't usually do it for me, but c'mon, how great was Captain Jack Sparrow?

Good, bad or indifferent -- depending on which side of the makeup counter you're on, I suppose -- the hunt for "great beauty product" reviews is on.

And it's pretty obvious (to me, anyway) that some bloggers...even men...want to look their best and are finding right stuff, too - perhaps makeup is not just for girlie girls or sissies, anymore!

Personally, I look forward to seeing the new Pirates movie and can't help but wonder, "What brand is he wearing?" - perhaps makeup artist Deborah Patino can answer - as Johnny Depp looks absolutely stunning!


Contributing Editor Elizabeth Thompson also writes for The Imperfect Parent.

[Photo credit - Disney Online]


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