Closing Keynote with Liberty Mutual & The Responsibility Project: Doing the Right Thing

Putting biz in context of our real lives. I have a Brady Bunch with Christopher Carfi. Three kids 11, 16 and 24. Why does this matter in the context of business? Elisa, Jory and I bootstrapped for two years and then decided to raise VC, I had opportunity to do the wrong thing. VCs insisted we pick a CEO and decided how we were to split founder's stock. VCs want hierarchy but we decided we would remain equal partners and I try to raise my kids that way - not to allow outside forces to impose hierarchy so it's how I do the right thing. ...more

Technology Trends: Social Commerce: Gamification, Rewards & Trust

Gamification is not a new concept. Older model was green stamps - has been around a long time. Combines games and traditional loyalty/incentive programs. Cos spent $100 Million and expected to rise to $2.8 billion by 2018. ...more

Business Leadership: C-Suite Language

How do go about preparing for a meeting to ask for resources from a CEO? How do you prepare? Amy: The first thing I do is understand how the person approaches the situation. I try to understand the person I will be presenting to. Understand who you will be presenting to. Be fluid and flexible to the dynamics of who you are meeting with. ...more

Entrepreneurism: Making Partnerships Work

All of the women to my right have had experience with partnerships. Introduces all the above. Working with partners can be stressful. What are some of the common mistakes that founders make. I was so lucky. I met a woman who had just ended a partnership. It's like a marriage. Lots of work, like a spouse. ...more

Lunchtime Keynotes: You're In Sales Now

Most people don't realize we all have a job in sales. If you're trying to convince your husband we should take a vacation, you're selling! Embrace the salesperson inside, because believe it or not you've been a salesperson your entire life. Being prepared is important: practice your pitch. Have a service mentality: selling is serving - how can you support them in meeting their objectives. Now there's a model out there called Purpose-Driven Marketing. Connect with what the value is for them....more

Business Leadership: Both Sides of High-Level Hiring

I’m a value based administrator. I influence the executives I work with to think my way. This means “being who you are.” People sense if you are not being yourself. Find your own strengths and play on those. It works for me to be very direct and very honest. Have a point of view and have passion. There is something important about “likeability.” ...more

Technology Trends: The App Economy

I'm excited about the panel. How many have bought an app? How many have bought more than 20? How many have bought more than you can count? In this time we are chasing incredible ways to start a business... web first or mobile second, and now looking at apps and penetration of iOS and so and so forth. 5.9 billion mobile subscribers in the world. 87% of the world pop. 1.2 million on the mobile web. ? use the mobile web. Games are the number one app. People are reading news on apps. 1 in 4 apps are used once and never used again. ...more

Entrepreneurism: Creative Bootstrapping

When BlogHer started, we weren't quite a company yet. The founders met through lunch and a conference. Bootstrapped for 2 years before first level of funding. What are the forces of whether to take funding or not? Do you want it or need it? Let's talk about not taking funding. ...more
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Lunchtime Keynotes: Do You Have a Business Book in You?

Brooke: Portfolio is business book imprint at Penguin, including entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. Authors she works with include Guy Kawasaki. Her area of focus is big idea narratives, memoirs, fiction. She looks for new voices and ideas....more

Welcome from BlogHer Co-Founders & Our Host Catherine Courage of Citrix Systems

We want to welcome you to our second annual event for men and women who want to start something. We started this discussion with where are the women in tech. We feel we are on the edge of women stating something new every day. We are excited to help you kick off the next step with your business. ...more