A Fish Might Not Need One, But These Girls Do!

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It's a near universal feeling - the wind in your hair, the pedals under your feet, the fading heat of a summer night, the sense of flying that riding a bike can give you. The bicycle is a miracle of invention, transportation and joy bundled up in to one. Riders come in all varieties, from sinewed racers to lazy cruisers, but they're all keyed in to the joy of the ride. Why not take a spin through the world of blogging bikers and remember what it was like to complete that first century? Maybe you'll be inspired to dust off the old townie and start commuting again. Or maybe you'll round up the family and take a ride down at the waterfront. Whatever the results, here are some links that will help you trade the keyboard for the handlebars.

Jill in Alaska
is, well, a machine. She's just completed the 24 Hour Kincaid Race - you read that right, 24 hours on a bicycle.

It was difficult enough that after six miles I thought I was going to cry, because I thought there was no way I was going to be able to sustain such effort and focus for 24 hours. But at mile 7 the miracle of Kincaid opened up. The trail dropped into a roller coaster so fast and fun that by mile 10.5 - the starting line - I had completely forgotten why I was so upset. Then I continued that process. For 15 more laps.

The Old Bag is a wierd funny mix of things that seem to fall in to two categories: Cycling and Not Cycling, sometimes written as poetry. If you've ever been in love with a bicycle, you'll understand this "baiku." (Opening stanza only - click for the rest.)

Betty and me, we
go way back like girlfriends do
time spent together

Crazy Biker Chick
has lots of things to say about city riding and commuting through Toronto. This is a rider who's not stopped by weather.

I love playing in the rain. Getting drenched but having fun anyway. The sound the bike wheel makes as it splashes through a puddle. The feeling of the brakes along the wet rim. The mist in my face. Every glorious second of it.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bicycle blogs. I've barely cracked the world of messengers, touring cyclists, bicycle politics, artists... For more bike links, try BikeBlogs, where a directory of bike blogs is updated monthly. And if you're ready to get involved, check out Bike Journal.

I've been off my bike for a while now. I was a hard core commuter but when I started working 35 miles from home, it was just too far to be a good commute. Then, when I started working at home, there was no where to commute to. This is pretty shameful; my friend K used to call me Bike Girl, and now... I can't even talk about it. It's too sad.

Cruising all these bike blogs makes me think it's time to clean up the girls and bring them out of the basement. Since you're gonna ask, the two that get the most use are the TerraTech and the Bianchi Eros. The handbuilt bike I inherited has never quite fit right, sadly, and the beater Schwinn belongs to the husband.

I've gone from over a hundred miles a week to nothing. All these chicks with bikes put me to shame. It's tune up time, and the road is calling. See you out there. And wear a helmet, okay?

Pam blogs about travel and other adventures at Nerd's Eye View.


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