Closing Keynote: Bringing It All Together, with @PamPeekeMD

I have to tell you that Dr Pamela Peeke is an internationally renowned physician. She is a scientist, she is an expert in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, stress and fitness. You will learn today that she is a tri-athelete, a marathoner, and a mountaineer. So she was named one of America's top physicians by people to count to us as consumers, the Consumers Research counsel of America. ...more

Technology Rocks Your Running Socks

Hello, hi, everybody. Haha! In the interest of time, I think one of the organizers was to be here, but we only have a certain amount of time. I wanna go ahead and jump in. My name is Stephanie Scott, and I am the world wide director at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. And I'm going to speak, with you for about 10 minutes before the panel gets up and joins you. So, let's dive right in because we only have a certain amount of time. ...more

Overcoming Burnout: Replenishing Your Reserves

I'm Julia Roberts. I have 2 kids with learning disabilities and learning disorders. I am fairly good about taking care of myself and so I was very honored to be on this panel. ...more

How Online Community Can Improve Offline Health

Who of you here are interested in sharing your personal knowledge online? Who here focuses on personal advocacy. I want to try and crowdsource! Are there any agency people here? (after each questions a handful of folks raised their hands). ...more

Dedication vs Obsession

Stephanie: At point do numbers become obsessive rather than helpful? Renee: A marathon every single weekend might be obsessive. When I am training I have a training plan. I self monitor. And maintain my weight but I don't get obsessed. ...more

The Empowered Patient

I am Denise, I am the Community Manager. I will be today's moderator and mic wrangler. I am the BlogHer Community Manager and I am moderating this panel. I got my start at iVillage, WebMD and the BH Health Community Manager so I now have many years of experience with online health. I’ll start by having our panelists introduce themselves. ...more

Becoming an Expert Advocate

Think rights and know your responsibility. At first, you think the experts know everything and you know nothing. You have to rely on them. You get other that pretty quick. You learn your rights and the madder you get. It's my responsibility to be sure that my child can grow to achieve what he is supposed to achieve. I can imagine my child won't need help throughout his life. He can't have a conversation that you and I would recognize. He needs one-on-one right now. ...more

Our Real Health: One of the Last Taboos

The readers stay because I had a connection. I found that as long as your are authentic and you just keep talking they will understand. You will stay retain those women of color. That will be your base. Now how far you go is up to you. I am the one that breaks the rules and tells too much. When I over that line that's when people go that's us, that happened to me. My family and I have very frank conversations about what mommy will blog about. Rarely every does my husband say no. ...more

Blogging About Your Special Needs Child

Who here has a child with special needs? (all hands in room raise) Who has struggled with writing about your children with special needs? (all hands go up again). Blogging about special needs children is difficult, but rewarding. Do we have a right to share our kids' stories? I started blogging in 2008 to inspire other people and to raise awareness. Wanted to show how much special needs kids kicked butt! ...more

Good Coach, Bad Coach?

I think I became a role model. I got into it with completely selfish goals in mind. People came to me with questions and I began to think, what would Erika have done. People say they can can hear me while shopping. ...more