Morning Fundamentals Workshop: My Blog as Change Agent

Deanna Zandt Cheryl Contee Cheryl: So welcome everyone, we're so excited. So excited. Are you excited? Deanna: Are you excited? Cheryl: Yes! Yeah! Woohoo! Deanna: I'm on four hours of sleep, I shouldn't drink caffeine and I do anyways, so we're going today. It's gonna be awesome! ...more

Afternoon Journey & Milestones Discussion Group: My Blog as Book Proposal

Stephanie Wilder Taylor Kathy Cano Murillo Stephanie: Okay, before we went on break, some of you had some questions. We can answer questions, or if you've forgotten them, that's fine too and we'll go on to the next thing. I know we told you we were going to answer some questions so if they've just been burning. ...more

Afternoon Discussion Groups: My Blog as a Change Agent

S1: Deanna Zandt S2: Cheryl Contee AM: Audience Member s2 Love and Money we told our stories in the first session what I can say in my career. It hasn't always been straight. I've worked in large corporations and non profits. I've had some great bosses and bad ones where I've had to get a lawyer and get a settlement. If there is one thing that is consistent is that I've fried to learn from the position. The bad ones have been the greatest teacher to use as inspiration and to know why did I feel confined and terrible here....more

Afternoon Discussion Group: Your Blog as a Business

10 Guiding Principles for Successful Blogging 1. Begin with the End 2. Why do you blog? 3. The Dreaded elevator pitch 4. Paths to monetization 5. See and be seen 6. Credentials AEA What have you done for me today? 7. SEO vs Content 8. Business basics when getting pro 9. Functioning within a community 10. Ethics, disclosure and other best practices ...more

Afternoon Discussion Group: My Blog as a Life Changer

Deb Rox and Diane Lang Speaker 1: Diane Lang You have to vulnerable, you have to be willing to take a chance in order to be vulnerable. We all have some similarities, whether is parenting, cultures, careers. Everyone has something in common, but we also have something very unique and important to you. But it is very important for you to be authentic. It is so important for you to be true to yourself. Blog your truth, blog your life, blog who you are as a person. ...more

Afternoon Discussion Group: My Blog as a Media Company

The first part of the morning is how we've structured our businesses. Then we skipped a whole section on how to get to scale. We skipped that part because things have been shifting so fast. Five years ago, it wasn't hard to get press. There are 30,000 food blogs right now, so it's harder to get press. ...more

Networking Lunch Featuring Keynote Co-Interview with Lynne d Johnson and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

Stephanie Wilder Taylor, @swildertaylor Lynne d Johnson, @lynneluvah Stefanie: So now, can I say that I've opened for President Obama? Lynne: I think I owe everything that has happened in my professional life in the past 10 or 11 years to my blog. I've spoken at almost every BlogHer since it started, plus other places. I've gone to conference in Australia and London, about blogging and social media, about women in tech and African Americans in tech. I've been exploring and discussing these on my blog and as a journalist. I've come to be known as an expert in these areas. ...more
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Your Blog as a Business

Today we are going to talk about business structures. It helps you with tax liability and not to get sued. You know where you're headed and where you're going. You want your blog to be focused and planned. ...more

Your Blog as a Media Company

I'm Kathryn Finney. I run a site that's a blog that grew into a whole new life form called the Budget Fashionista. I started over ten years ago. I'm so excited to be here. This is my second year. You will have a great time today; I guarantee! ...more

My Blog as a Book Proposal

Never did I think about a book dealer contacting me. I had two book dealers contact me. - Turned down the first one, and went with the second. - An editor contacted me, and they gave me a small advance. ...more