Blogher '06 Session Discussion: Digital Photography on Day One

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13th in our series introducing you to each of our BlogHer Conference '06 sessions and their speakers, and finding out what you would like to get from each session. Today, I bring you from Day One:

Digital Photography: Heather Champ will get you comfortable with your digital camera. Learn not only how to take good digital pictures, but how to mess with them and post them on your blog. [Equipment list to be published.]

[img_assist|fid=677|thumb=1|alt=Heather Champ]Heather Champ, currently Flickr Community Manager, but a longtime online photography rock star, is leading this collaborative discussion about how to take the pictures you want...and how to share them.

As far as that "Equipment List", it's pretty simple...bring something that takes digital pictures, be it camera or cameraphone. If you don't have one, but want to get one, do not be deterred. You won't actually be taking pictures during the session. But you will be talking about how to get from the pictures you are taking now to the pictures you wish you could be taking.

Something else to bring: 5 prints of pictures you have taken. If you forget your prints Heather will have a couple of photo-printers on-hand before the session too. Heather will be around all morning to help people get their shots printed.

Lastly, Heather will be providing an agnostic resource and comparison list of free and inexpensive photo-editing tools, photo hosting sites and photo sharing opportunities.

I'll say it right now: one hour with Heather could change your photography forever! No pressure, Heather :)

So, that's what we are envisioning for the session. But what do you think. What do you want to learn? What do you want to hear? What do you never want to hear again? What would make you attend this session?


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