Lemony Snack-it

Meeta from What's For Lunch Honey recently asked what she should do with the bunch of lemons that were mailed to her from Italy? Food blogs are ripe with ideas for this versatile citrus. Keep your eyes peeled after the break...

Santos has a glut of lemons and, just like me, has been making lemon curd. She got a little more fancy than I did though, by pairing it with a beautiful-looking basil-lemon peel sugar crusted French lemon pound cake.

Lynette from Lex Culinaria, has taken a more savoury route, creating a juicy Lemon and Garlic Roasted Pheasant.

Bonnie, from Daydream Delicious, is an Aussie living in the UK. Eager to get to grips with the local culture she joins the campaign to help save Bakewell tarts from extinction by baking a scrumptious-looking Lancaster Lemon Tart.

Amanda & Debbie over at Exclusively Food have been making Lemon Meringue Pie. This brings fond memories of my childhood come flooding back. I haven't eaten this dish in years!

Meanwhile Ivonne, at Cream Puffs in Venice, put out a cry for "Help!" when she lost her lemon tart! Tanna over at My Kitchen found a lemon tart, but come the afternoon it had mysteriously disappeared again! I finally tracked it down via Angelika at The Flying Apple, but no sooner had I spotted it, the lemon tart had disappeared into thin air once more. Will it settle, at last, with Baking Soda at Bake My Day, or will it be movin' on soon?

Swee, A Self-Proclaimed Foodaholic, seems to have managed to keep her Lemon Cheesecake under control so far. But they must be disappearing fast too, Swee had to make two in one day. Now, that's what I call popular!

You'll find a less popular recipe in Laura Rebecca's Kitchen. Maybe she should rename the Lemon Sugar "Snap" Cookies she made as "Lemon Strop Cookies". I feel her pain... there is nothing worse than trying to follow a recipe that just doesn't return the love. You know how it feels...

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