Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

When I was little, going fishing with my Papa was one of my fondest memories. As a young, and very prissy little girl, I didn't want to touch the bait, which was usually worms or frogs. My Papa never pushed it, but he didn't fail to show me every single time how to 'burp a frog' so it yaks it's guts out and sinks, instead of floats. Ahh, the memories.

Well those sorts of memories aren't limited to Papa's and Daddy's anymore. Women have created a whole new demographic to outdoor sports over the years. At Take Me Fishing, anyone can learn the basics of when to fish, what bait to use and how to hook bait. They've also included a handy guide to taking children fishing.

Casting for Recovery takes women who currently have, or have survived Breast Cancer on a retreat to gather and learn fly-fishing. Ladies Let's Go Fishing! is a seminar-based program for ladies who want to learn fishing at the "No Yelling School of Fishing."

Lisa Williams blogs her experiences with her two children, after impulsively buying a couple of fishing rods on Father's Day:

Joe lay flat on his stomach on a flat stone and fished with his hands, getting close to his ancestors. Occasionally he’d bring up a rock and put it in his red plastic fish bucket and say, “I deeed it! I deeed it! Hooray!�

We haven’t caught a thing and we like it that way.

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