BlogHer Swap Meet?

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UPDATE: Swap Meet sign-up is live. Go here to sign up.

Let's talk about schwag, baby.

Or books.

Or knitting patterns.

See, we've noticed that lots of you make and create stuff.

And we were thinking it would be cool to facilitate a way for people attending BlogHer to check out said stuff. And buy it. Or make trades. Or whatever. Like what kind of stuff?

Like Julie Meloni and her book about Blogger, or the Mommybloggers from, who just may have my favorite t-shirt slogan: What happens at BlogHer '06...Stays at BlogHer '06, or maybe we can even get speaker Andrea Scher to bring some of her super-cool Superhero jewelry designs. The point is a lot of you folks have cool stuff to sell.

So we had an idea: Set up one more table in the exhibitor area. Have this be a BlogHer Swap Meet table. Have BlogHers sign up for time slots to set up their wares. That's it...BlogHers with BlogSchwag are responsible to bring their own wares, figure out what kind of payments they'll take and do all transactions right there on site. BlogHer doesn't do anything except arrange for the table and schedule the time slots.

What do y'all think:

a) who all has schwag to sell (that they'd be willing to haul to BlogHer)?

b) who all is planning to leave a little room in the suitcase for those unavoidable shopping opportunties, and would consider a BlogHer Swap Meet just such an opportunity?

Enough interest out there to pursue? You tell me.

[img_assist|fid=699|thumb=1|alt=Andrea Earrings]


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