Products I can't live without and a home remedy for ingrown hairs!

Happy Fourth of July! Today is actually my birthday, so I thought it would be a great day to make a list of my favorite skin and hair care products. I'm also going to share a home remedy recipe for razor burns and ingrown hairs.

Just so you know, these are products that I couldn’t live without. If it came down to my last dollars and I needed food or product replacement, I’d choose my products. Yes, I’m a junkie.

I am very committed to using the all natural products without synthetics, dyes or perfumes. Note that when you do purchase products manufactured in Europe, they will list in their ingredients as parfum or fragrance. This basically translates to essential oils. Now, if you purchase your skin care that has been manufactured in the U.S. and it lists perfume or fragrance, this means they contain synthetics, which can be potentially damaging to the skin. I’ll be sharing “the black list� ingredients in upcoming articles so that you will know how to purchase your hair and skin products and what to look for.

These products are not listed in any particular order. So here goes!

Dr. Hauschka's Rose Day Cream

This moisturizing cream contains a heavenly scent of rose and helps to reduce inflammation, hydrate and nourish dry skin. Perfect for relaxing those unwanted fine lines! It gives your skin a healthy, dewy, glow. I don’t recommend this for oily or combination skin. Perfect for dry, mature and sensitive skin. Even better for those with eczema, rosacea or psoriasis. The Rose day cream does contain peanut oil so I don’t suggest this to anyone who has an allergy to nuts. Normally retails for around $34.95.

Youngblood Mineral Foundation Powder

I am addicted to this powder. It’s very light, contains an SPF 15, smoothes and evens skin tone and hides all redness, inflammation and pigmentation spots. Better yet, the problem with many foundations is that you cannot contaminate the powder. (Meaning, you are not sticking those germ filled fingers into a foundation bottle which causes bacteria to get in.) To use, you gently tap the powder into the lid and you only have to use a small amount. Be sure to allow your moisturizer to dry completely before applying. This powder will last forever if used properly and retails for around $31.95.

Skinceutical's CE Ferulic Serum

I must say that I would have never found myself paying so much for a skin care product. But, after I received a sample from the Skinceutical’s sales rep, I decided to give it a try. I noticed immediate results. I spent a lot of time in suntan beds and soaking in the sun with baby oil and reflectors. I’m now noticing sun spots as a result of sun damage. After one application, I noticed the tone of my skin appeared even and the dark pigmentation had lightened. I recommend this to anyone over 30 who spends time or has spent time sunbathing. This powerful antioxidant reduces inflamed, broken capillaries, prevents the mutation of cancer cells and aids in rebuilding and producing collagen. It is the most powerful and effective antioxidant out there. If it doesn’t say L-Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), don’t bother. At $122, if used properly, this will last about 3 months. Consider it an investment. If you’re skeptical, I highly recommend asking your nearest retailer for a sample. This product can be found at many clinical spas, dermatologists and medical spas.

John Masters Organic Shampoos

These all natural shampoos are sulfate free and synthetic free. Most shampoos and cleansers contain sulfates (a detergent that causes the product to foam) which strip the skin and hair of moisture and also found to be an eye and skin irritant. Here’s a website for all to see where else sulfates are found.
Check your products for sulfates and throw them away!! At $16.99 this all natural shampoo, has a nice, rich lather, will not strip moisture from your hair and has a wonderful aroma of rich, essential oils.

Rhonda Allison's Facial Cleansers!

I highly recommend the citrus gel cleanser for all skin types. This cleanser doesn’t contain sulfates and has a nice, rich lather and yummy citrus scent. Smaller size begins at $12 and up to $24 for the larger size.

Rhonda Allison's Fruit Acid Botanical Wash

This is a power packed fruit and glycolic acid toner that is to be used after cleansing. Place on a cotton round and wipe all over face, neck and chest, avoiding the eye area. This is one of the most potent exfoliants out there. Beware, this is not for whimpy skin. On contact, it stings and tingles, but it’s the fruit and glycolic acids that are doing their job to eliminate fine lines, dark pigmentation and build up of deak skin cells. I recommend breaking out your geisha fan when using this product and to start, use 2 times a week. It’s like giving yourself a mini peel! Smaller size starts at $13 and up to $33 for the larger size.

And now, for your special recipe to prevent ingrown hairs and razorburns after shaving or waxing! I use this on all of my clients after waxing and make sure that they leave with a bottle. It contains grapeseed oil which is a lightweight oil and super antioxidant. I place a few drops of lavender, which helps to soothe burning and redness. It is also has antiseptic qualities. I then add a few drops of tea tree oil which is a natural antibacterial. The combination of the grapeseed oil, lavender and tea tree will soften and soothe the skin as well as help prevent those nasty little breakouts. Many products out there contain ingredients that will be too drying for the skin, causing it to harden which makes it harder for the hair to break through the surface as it grows, which can lead to more breakouts.

The Anti Zit Home Remedy
1 oz. Bottle (Glass dropper bottles are best)
10 drops of tea tree oil
10 drops of lavender oil
Fill 1 oz. Bottle with grapeseed oil

Voila! You have your natural potion for preventing breakouts. This is great to use everyday to moisturize your entire body.

So there you have it. Enjoy! Stock up your bathroom! I'm always happy to consult if any of you have questions.

Have a super firecracker day.


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