Adopt a canuck (or two) for pre or post-conference funtimes in SF

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Hey all,

So it's Mir, volunteer coordinator, speaker and also a Canadian.

I and a videographer friend of mine named Mél will be arriving in SF on the 26th and sticking around in the bay area until August the first following the conference.

I was wondering if any SF area bloghers happened to have a guest room or a floor Mél and I could should share for the extra days book-ending the conference?

The actual nights I am talking about are the evening of the 26th and then the 29th 30th and 31st.

Of course you don't have to offer your hospitality for the duration of our vacation, if you had a one or a two night floorspace we'd happily take that.

In exchange for your kindness we'll cook you a dinner, buy you a bottle of wine or some other fancy treat - and of course teach you how to say 'about' the right way.

If you are a generous stranger to travellers you can get in touch with me at

thank you in advance.