Celebrity Gossip Fueled Art

Celebrity blogging is popular. Popular and nasty. Down and dirty celebrity blogging is a wicked spectator sport for those of us who can appreciate the gift of snark.

Mary Tsao has written before on our very own Mamarazzi writers (Angie from Home Grown, Lisa from Nihaus, Lucinda from Suburban Turmoil, M'Kay from Petroville, Poppy from The Opiate of the Masses, and Susie from The Underpaid Kept Woman).

There's the Go Fug Yourself Girls, Heather and Jessica, who manage to find the most unflattering images of celebrities in horrible outfits and tear them apart with wit and style.

Then there's 14. Wow. 14 is the artist at Gallery of The Absurd who captures celebrity gossip in such a way, you can help but marvel at her talent, and her vision. She has worked with such mediums as acrylic, paper, Photoshop, paint, canvas and Britney Spears thighs. (A texture all their own, I'm sure.)

Taken from her site bio:

Q. Do the celebrities get angry when they see their portraits?

A. I am not painting their portraits...I paint only the gossip, buzz, chatter and brand image the particular celebrity projects or attracts. I seek to capture a peculiar segment of modern pop-culture mythology as it unfolds before our eyes. For this reason, I would hope the celebrity would not be angered. Tom Cruise is probably angry...and come to think of it, Star Jones probably isn't too happy either.

14's creations have been featured in the New York Times, The Film Experience, Animal Magazine, and Canada's own, Pop Journalism.

Contributing Editor Karen Rani also blogs at Troll Baby and owns Troll Baby Graphics.


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