BlogMe baby: BlogHer '06 attendees kick-off online mixer Monday [updated]

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You. Need. This. Button. Why? To join the online mixer "BlogMe" that seven women are throwing for all of us starting Monday--whether you're attending BlogHer '06 or not.

I learned about BlogMe yesterday, when Karen Rani emailed me that the wickedly funny (and caffeinated) Mocha Momma had a great idea. In her opinion, the best way for us to show up in San Jose on July 28 for this little meet-up and have a blast is to...start talking now. Here is La Mocha in her own words:

My idea of interviewing the conference attendees that I’m anxious to meet in San Jose this month has finally gotten the better of me. Women (and a few men!) giving short interviews to help us get to know one another and network faster was a tiny brainchild I had and shared with a few other bloggers....Starting Monday, the original eight women will begin with interviews and links to other interviews. Even if you’re not going to attend the conference, you are henceforth invited to participate.

Karen loved the idea. So did Table for Five, Queen of Spain, Ninja, Sarah and the Goon Squad and How the Urbanites Adopt.

So, of course, I invited myself. Just as if I had seen Mocha Momma in the playground with her kids, decided she was going to be my new best friend, and stalked her all the way to her house in my station wagon and plied her with a cold box of chablis. I'm classy like that.

Now it's a block party. And the crew said they'd love your help with the questions. Here's how we can all play on Monday -- whether you're going to BlogHer '06 or not:

1. Include the BlogMe graphic and URL link on your site’s sidebar.
Link to icon:
URL link:

Update: Here is some easy html you can use. Just paste the following html into your website:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="BlogMe" title="I am a BlogHer. BlogMe!" /></a>

2. Select five or more of the questions (listed below) and answer them in as much detail as you’d like. Smart-assed, serious, goofy, controversial tones all welcome.

3. Send these questions to a friend by Sunday night so that s/he can answer them Monday morning! Don't know another blogger who is going to the conference? Don't know another BlogHer? Start here or here. Or - If you're really feeling shy, you could just post your own answers, add the icon and post your link on this site Monday.

4. Optional: Along with submitting your questions to your blogger-in-crime, take a picture of a part of yourself that tells us something about you and send it to the person “conducting� your interview. Flickr URLs, jpegs will work. ( I’ve also included an interviewing question that asks why you chose the picture you did). For the love of our servers, no private parts please.

5. On Monday morning, post your partner’s interview on your site--or your own answers! Also refer your readers to the blog that features your interview. I'll also put up a post here on where you can add your links.

6. Select 10 online friends to continue the interviewing process (again, you can always invite folks here.

7. If you tag your posts, please use the tag "blogme" and "blogher06" in whatever tagging approach you use.

And before you know it, you'll be headed to San Jose (actually or virtually) to continue the conversation.

Now, for the interview Questions:

Here's Mocha Momma's starter list -- add yours below...

1. When did you start blogging and why? Or Talk about your blog. What can I learn about you in under 5 minutes?
2. How do you use blogging to build friendships?
3. Who do you read every day, rain or shine?
4. Why did you choose to share that piece of yourself in a photograph?
5. How would you describe your writing style?
6. If you could spend time with one person (other than your spouse, because really, let’s not rack up the suck up points here)
7. What don’t you write about? Anything considered a no-no in your book?
8. How do you feel about meeting bloggers in real life? Are you nervous? Will you have great expectations? What do you home to take away from the BlogHer experience?
9. So soon we’re going to meet each other at BlogHer. Important question. How do you party?
10. What is your favorite thing that you wrote? What got a strong reaction from readers? Links please?
11. Have you written anything controversial? Is blogging controversial?
12. Are you and your blogging persona the same person?
13. Have you ever anonymously posted on a site to flame them?
14. If you had a super power, what would it be?

Take it away folks - what questions would you ask?


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