Latin American women in the Bloggie Awards

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The 2006 Bloggies have some great candidates for Best Latin American Blog.

Bestiaria is well-written, funny, and obnoxious. I enjoyed the frivolous post about women and flavors of icecream. Here's a translation of an excerpt from another post on how there are a million types of old man, but only a few types of old women:

Old ladies are all similar; they all obsess on their families, housecleaning, makeup and matchmaking, and money; because they all lived the same sort of life, they couldn't aspire to anything else: they married, took care of their husbands, did housekeeping, and raised children. When I'm 70 years old, there'll be all kinds of old ladies: old surgeons, old strippers, old cops, old drug dealers, old macrobiotic-heads, and old hippies.

Hmmm, I wonder if her own grandmother didn't think the same thing, once. And where does she think all the strippers from 60 years ago went? You see what I mean by "obnoxious but funny"?

The Cooking Diva Blog is also a finalist. It's mostly in English, and it's by Melissa De Leon. This is a very slick, professional blog with recipes, interviews with chefs, and tons of photos. The food looks great! I like the extra information that De Leon throws out there.

Motel de Moka is a group blog, women and men, with music reviews and mp3s. Very nice! It's mostly in English.


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