Her Jazz, On Stage With the Flaming Lips

Maria from Her Jazz has written a nice account of her experience at SCMX, and it includes her tale about landing on stage during the Flaming Lips' set.

So there I was with confetti flying everywhere while the band played “Do You Realize?� and I couldn’t have been happier. Couples all around here hugging and kissing, someone proposed on stage; the enegry was unreal. I know watching the Flaming Lips is an experience unto itself but being on stage was something entirely else.

Despite some of her issues with the festival itself ("marketing disguised as music), Maria had good experiences watching Bob Mould, De La Soul and the Flaming Lips.

Another issue on Maria's mind came to pass thanks to Wayne Coyne's (Flaming Lips) soapbox rant about the Middle East:

The final encore was a cover Sabbath’s “War Pigs� and Coyne took it upon himself to get up on the soapbox. This is ultimately what drives me nuts about rock politics—it’s one thing to rant about the infinite sadness in the Middle East, but so extremely misguided on the other hand. Did he bother to pay attention to his surroundings? Any staff member in a position of power was white. The people cleaning up the mess of drunken frat dudes as we were exiting? Black. A year after the ineptitude of Katrina and nothing’s changed in our country, the divide keeps getting larger and larger— so why not use that time to encourage a crowd of 3,000 to be more proactive in their communities? Sigh. Sorry to be a Downer Debbie, but it’s been gnawing at my mind.

I'm not sure if agree that there are appropriate messages to deliver from a stage and inappropriate messages to deliver from a stage (they're all sort of inappropriate and condescending to me), but I can certainly sympathize with Maria's fatigue.

Head over to Her Jazz and read Maria's entire recap of the weekend here.


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