Using the weblinks registry

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So, I've written my first blog post - containing a link to an existing page on this blog, a link to a blog as yet unlisted in the blogroll, and two specific posts on that blog. I'm confused by the whole weblink registry thing (such confusion not helped by the fact that I still haven't had my telephone conversation with Lisa - no criticism implied, it was my fault the originally scheduled call was cancelled). So:

1) if I want to link to an existing post on this site, do I use the URL with the hard-coded IP address, use the existing domain name, or wait for the final domain switch to (I presume)

2) If I list the blog in the blogroll, is there anything extra I need to do to link to two specific posts on that blog? I'm loathe to make the post, find that the links don't appear, and then be unable to edit the post (I've seen comments by others that seem to imply that editing posts afterwards isn't currently working.)

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