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It's wonderful to wake up turn on the computer and find your third blogher post staring you right in the face..

Changing the Country, One Book at a Time

In part one of our two-part roundtable discussion, four leaders of the progressive publishing industry discuss their successes and failures since 9/11.

While thinking about the power of books to change the world I did a little searching on "top books lists" and found the following;

And completely unrelated - as if you didn't have enough reasons already;

714 Things to be Cynical About - By Nikki Mountain

I am finding it hard to believe that Ayn rand tops both western fiction and non-fiction. Did anyone actually read Ayn-Rand? I did, and it was like being flayed alive by my gym teacher Ms. Mawson, only in a literary sense.

Stay tuned for part two of the Alternet article and the development of a real Blogher books blog-roll. Tonight!
And because i love the cynical list so much:

spending three hours on the internet in a futile search for information
the fact that you could have obtained the information in three minutes by opening a book
the proliferation of websites featuring naked people exchanging bodily fluids
the fact that those websites are more popular than yours or mine
spam! spam! spam! spam!
losing half our free time to internet addiction
losing most of our day to meaningless work
having to play office politics
having to play golf with your superiors
the term "superiors"
the term "subordinates"
cubicles and other sensory deprivation cells
people who thrive in cubicles
people who thrive on 14-hour workdays
people who take their cell phones on vacation
"A" students who end up working for "C" students
"It takes money to make money"
"It's not what you know, it's who you know"
the "power words" used on resumes to impress employers
the fact that employers are impressed with power words on resumes
college graduates who have to settle for a job at Blockbuster
the salaries of liberal arts graduates in the business world
the miseries of liberal arts graduates in the business world


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