The Only Diet Secret You Need

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Last night when the clock struck midnight we reached the end of National Healthy Weight Week. I'm sure this comes as a huge shock to all of you. Who thinks about weight in January?

You probably haven't noticed all of the blogs that contain weight loss resolutions, get fit resolutions or eat healthy resolutions. You probably haven't seen all of the 101 things to do in 1001 days blogs that include "lose 50lbs" either.

I, on the other hand, have read these blogs. Oh boy have I read them and now I'm going to share a little wisdom with you about weight loss and diets. All of this wisdom gleaned from reading blogs by women with a weight loss mission.

Are you ready? Are you sure? Can you handle the knowledge? OK OK ...

Smoothies. That's it. If you're on a diet, trying to get fit, or just trying to eat healthy then you must include smoothies in your diet. It's like a law or something. An unwritten, secret law and now you are all in on the secret.

First there's Eat More, Weigh Less which entails a Mudslide Smoothie for breakfast.

Next up, active and healthy lifestyle brings smoothie maker which in turn brings in cash. Insurance companies are cool, aren't they?

Let's not forget the Smoothie & Bean diet for those short on cash and cooking oil.

This sounds great doesn't it? You want to lose weight! You want to get healthy! You're ready to run right out and buy a smoothie or better yet make your own, aren't you? OK but I'll leave you with a little warning... Beware the blueberry smoothie.



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