Cue Madonna and Rupaul, Please

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Don't you hate it when you go to the doctor for what you think is just a minor little thing and wind up with a tube in the rear end and a radiologist like this?

the radiologist was a strange little man, who was suffering from hallucinations that the x-ray room was a photoshoot for a european edition of vogue. as i lay there with a tube up my ass, he kept putting my arms and legs in different positions, saying "ah yes... YESSSS! beautiful! beautiful! hold it right there, dahhhhhhling." *click* "ah, just teelt your head dees way! AH YES! PAHRFECT! PAHRFECT! *mwah!* *mwah!*"

when did bruno from the ali g show become a radiologist?

Emily2 at Waiting for Dorothy handled it all just fine.

today, i'm just going to say "fuck it" and guzzle down this monster latte and eat processed carbs, because i'm too skinny anyway and i just had a tube and balloon up my ass.

I find this much more appealing than havng to go through the drive thru at BK for a Whopper, no cheese, no lettuce, heavy pickle, heavy onion - that's what we have to do everytime my s/o has one of these special exploring the colon tests. We're vegetarians for goodness sakes.



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