All about conference network security from volunteer Tech Guru, JC Dill

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JC Dill is the woman who has come to our IT-rescue by tackling BlogHer Conference '06 network issues head-on.

All I can say is that we thank our lucky stars that JC is going over every bit of the network diagrams and infrastructure specifications with the venue staff...not me!

She brought up after our last venue meeting that most people didn't realize how insecure networks were at conferences. I looked at her blankly and said, "I guess I'm most people."

JC took that as a challenge to blog all about conference security issues, and I now bring you the fruits of her labor:

Here is her seven-part series on computer security. Don't worry...most of the posts are quite short. This series was designed for maximum ease of digestion!

Part I: Network Security for WiFi users

Part II: Using the web on an insecure Wifi connection

Part III: Using email on an insecure WiFi connection

Part IV: Using IM on an insecure network

Part V: Password Management Tips

Part VI: Physical security issues when taking a laptop to a conference

Part VII: Be sure to backup before you take your laptop to a conference!

Part VII: Network Security Summary

With BlogHer fast approaching these reminders about security are well-taken.


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