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I have a lot of admiration for all the green-fingered food bloggers who have been turning their attentions to growing and foraging for their own food. All over the world, from large back yards, to tiny decks, and even a sidewalk in New York, there is inspiration here for everyone...

Keiko from Nordljus in the United Kingdom grew her own redcurrants and photgraphed her beautiful grey cat posing with them. Scroll past the noodles to see what she ended up making with the juicy little red berries.

Over in Ireland, Spicegirl found blackcurrants outside her door and couldn't pass up the opportunity to make jam.

Amanda from Metrocurean considers herself lucky to have witnessed firsthand at an early age that food actually grows out of the dirt, before reporting on this weekend's Green Kids at Market Day event happening this weekend in Washington DC.

Cookie Crumb from I'm Mad and I Eat in Northern California often describes herself as a tomato ranchin' bum, and from this post, you'll understand the tomato part of the equation. However, not for one second do i believe that someone who goes foraging for purslane can possibly be called a bum.

Anni from Life's a Banquet also in Northern California describes the tustle she is having with the Blue Jays over their ripening figs. And that is not all Anni is growing, check out the rest of her amazing garden too.

Meanwhile, over in New York, city gardener, Stacey from Just Braise is battling with a different kind of thief. Check out her post for an identifit of the accused.

Also in NYC Ann from A Chicken in Every Granny Cart sadly reports that little pumpkin she found growing out of the sidewalk had swiftly been removed. Too bad.

And as for the Zucchini, or courgettes as I call them, Meg at Too Many Chefs in Paris is looking for advice about growing them in her terrace setting, Tea from Tea & Cookies reminisces about the garden bounty she remembers from her childhood and Shuna from Eggbeater takes a set of beautiful squash pictures.

And lest we forget, that the whole world is not wilting in a heatwave right now, please spare a thought for Bron, in New Zealand, whose garden has been covered in beautiful snow. How I wish I could dive right in!

Blogher contributing editor Sam Breach tries, not very successfully, to grow a few herbs on her deck, over at Becks & Posh

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