The BlogHer Quiet Space: for Breastfeeding and a Blogger Memorial Service

BlogHer Original Post

Wanted to let you know about a room we've set aside at the Hyatt as the BlogHer Quiet Space, Room #8111 in Building 8.

The Quiet Space will have two purposes, further explained below: as a space for breastfeeding mothers, and as a location for a physical and virtual memorial for blogger Michelle Goodrich, aka Mandarin Meg, who died a couple of weeks ago.

For most of the two days of BlogHer, the Quiet Space will be for breastfeeding moms, with either child or pump in her arms. I know we have at least a couple of you in attendance, and from what I hear, hanging out in a public restroom stall with a breast pump is not the most delightful experience.

We decided to assign part of the space allocated to Childcare for this purpose. You do not need a child in childcare to use the room. In fact, due to security around the childcare rooms, the Quiet Space is actually a separate room next to childcare, not part of the childcare.

We also received another request that called for a Quiet Space, so on Friday July 28th from 3:30PM-5:00PM only, instead of being a Quiet Space for breastfeeding, the Quiet Space will be set aside for a memorial for blogger Michelle Goodrich, aka Mandarin Meg, who died a couple of weeks ago. The memorial will go on from 3:45-4:45PM, and will include not only the people physically there, but a virtual memorial via IRC.

Frank Paynter has all the details here on his blog.

Thanks to those who suggested both ideas; we hope it serves our attendees.


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