Ten types of Web writing: Get the words out

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When: 1:15 p.m. - 3:30 p.m., July 28, 2006
Where: Blogher Conference 2006 Day One

Words matter more today than ever before, thanks to the Web.

Today our words are scooped up by search engines, spat onto ever-tinier and ever-dirtier laptop screens and cell phones, shot across PDAs, and spoken into podcasts and videoblogs, even translated into different languages. If you're a blogger, that's just the beginning: From there, your words initiate online conversations with friends, family, colleagues, past and future, and (like it or not) an enduring legacy for your experiences and values.

Typed, spoken, illustrated or animated...it's all about words and word choice. Good writing is essential to your identity online. So--how do we do that?

In this BlogHer Conference '06 session on Friday, July 28, we'll examine as a group how the words we write can work harder for us. You're invited to join us in two one-hour sessions as we pick apart writing techniques for bloggers, what they can help us accomplish (or not) and why.

So-called "good" writing often depends upon your personal goals. Do you want to reach more people online? Express yourself more artfully? Both? Great. We'll open with a survey of the top ten techniques that we recommend to help get your word out, followed by a workshop where we'll conduct a real-time blog writing and publishing exercise.

To help make this session as relevant as possible to the kinds of writing that you like to do, please share with us in the comments below. Link the best (or worst) online writing you've ever seen:

  1. Best headline(s)? Worst? Links please!
  2. Best list of links or meme (like this or this)?
  3. Best essay(s)?
  4. Best review(s)
  5. Best use of art with words (illustration, photo, video, any of the above)
  6. …and our most important question: What do you struggle with as a writer?
  7. Best,
    Lisa and Lynne


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