Let's Talk About the Weather

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So, some of you may be wondering about our weather here in beautiful San Jose for the conference.

It's hot. Really, really hot. Yesterday the high in San Jose was 103 degrees. Today it's forecast to be 102 degrees...what a relief! And yes, it's a dry heat, but when it gets over 100 degrees I'm not sure that's all that helpful. (For those of you who know this area and its weather, I think you'll understand how unusually hot it's been when I tell you that the high yesterday in San Francisco was 95 degrees!)

Before you get too scared, here's a link to the extended forecast. As you'll see the highs are supposed to drop by about 20 degrees by Friday, with a lovely high of 82 on Friday and 78 on Saturday. Now that's the Northern California weather we know and love!!

Despite this forecast respite, I thought it was appropriate to give you a reminder: while it's true that all meetings are in nice meeting rooms, with nice air conditioning, I thought I should remind you all about one key aspect of a lot of the networking portions of the conference: they're outdoors. We're partying by the pool, remember?

It should still be sunny and warm during the evening cocktail parties, and lunch on Saturday should be quite sunny and bright. The tables have umbrellas, but nonetheless I would recommend you all bring:

Maybe even a hat

As for clothing: someone asked me if business casual was the dress code. I responded to say I thought that casual casual was more in order!! Including comfortable shoes!

I should also mention another key Northern California weather aspect: the temperature can drop 20-30 degrees at night. Checking that extended weather link you'll see that the low is forecast to be in the upper 50s. That's cool enough to call for a sweater.

And if you do plan to visit either San Francisco or the coastal regions bear in mind their temperatures can hover a full 10-20 degrees below San Jose and Silicon Valley in general. The highs in Santa Cruz for next weekend, for example, are in the upper 60s.

Welcome to micro-climates.


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