Anxiety? Nah. We call it pre-BlogHer freaking out with style

It was bound to happen. The closer we get to BlogHer, the more the nerves come out. The more the fear of High School Horror reveals itself. (Me? I just want to figure out what to wear. Is that so hard?) Here are just a few of the examples of the normal (yet honestly unfounded because BlogHer is all about inclusiveness) worries.

Julie over at mothergoosemouse writes:

It’s inevitable that we will gravitate to some people and not to others. We do that in any other real-life encounters we have; in fact, we do that when we choose to read some blogs and not others. What I want so much to avoid is hurt feelings - other people’s and my own.

And it’s not just shallow factors such as appearance that make us prefer one person over another. More often, it’s simply a matter of whether we feel comfortable around someone, whether we feel as if we have enough conversation potential to go beyond initial small talk.

I want to LOVE absolutely everyone. That’s even more important to me than having everyone LOVE me.

I totally see her point. We all want to be liked and all fear that we will be the one that is in the corner dancing alone like a dork with no one to talk to. (Julie, I will so dance with you! I promise!)

And then take Liz of Mom-101 who has the totally irrational fear of "What if I have no idea who you are or what your blog is?! Oh the horror!" She proposes the following:

Therefore I propose that we all print out our headers and wrap them around our foreheads, indian princess style, to stave off any uncomfortable introduction moments. It won't be nearly as obvious as staring down at the right boob to check out the name tag. The geeky, horrible name tag.

Of course there is always the worry of being in the same room with and meeting women you have admired from afar from their blogs, such as Christina at A Mommy Story writes about.

This time next week I'll be doing a final check that I've packed everything and getting ready for my 1pm flight to San Jose. I don't know what makes me more queasy - the thought of getting on a plane (terrified of flying) or the thought of being surrounded by the top women in blogging - my role models.

Who also added (and cracked me up) in comments elsewhere that:

What to wear is worrying me more than anything. I'm going to be pegged as a mommyblogger right off the bat, simply because I don't like wearing fancy clothes. I'll probably have my capri jeans and t-shirts, and maybe I'll go a step up with a polo shirt.

I'm also someone who can't shut up, even without a drink in me. so hopefully someone will tell me if I'm talking too much. Otherwise I will be that one everyone is talking about on their blogs, and not in a good way. And god forbid there is karaoke.

Then of course we have the primping. We must do the primping to get ready. Take our very own Mir. She went drastic. How so?

In a move of strategy and power usually employed by the likes of Barbie and Britney Spears, I went and had my hair cut AND COLORED at the salon today. I have NEVER had my hair colored by someone who knew what they were doing. (Previous colorists include… me. And… me.) But long ago I decided that I should have fabulous hair for BlogHer, and as I do not believe fabulous hair includes
1) brillo-like greys poking out in every direction
2) a color not commonly found in nature (which encompasses EVERY SINGLE COLOR I’ve managed to dye my hair on my own),
that meant saving my pennies for this sacred day.

Face it ladies (and the few gentlemen) attending BlogHer, there are things to do, plans to make and panic attacks to be had.

What are YOU doing to get ready for BlogHer that is coming up in mere days. (5!) Tell me yours and I will tell you mine.

BlogHer Contributing Editor Jenn Satterwhite also blogs at Mommy Needs Coffee and Mommybloggers.

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