Mom to the Screaming Masses

 I'm a work out of the home mom to six incredibly loud and opinionated kids who are always right no matter what. I have my black belt in Muay Thai boxing. My passions include boxing class, reading and I throughly enjoy spending time in the kitchen - but not doing dishes.  A desire to eat as close to non processed as possible doesn't mean I don't love me some fountain Coke. And some coffee. Always with the coffee. We deal with asthma, food allergies, autistic spectrum issues, and smart mouths on a daily basis. When I'm not scaling Mt. Laundry, answering emails, cleaning, driving carpool, or cooking, I'm a big fan of naps. 

And We Have a Garden! And It's DELICIOUS!

I plant a garden every year. I plant tomatoes (there is just about nothing I love more than a homegrown tomato in the summer - except coffee, but I digress...), various herbs, peppers, and something new - last year it was eggplant, this year, beans. Always, though, always with the tomatoes ....more

My Favorite and My Best

So, this past week, I went to New York City for work. I love everything about the city - everything. And that makes me sound like a country bumpkin, an okie from the sticks - and I don't care ....more

Checking in on The Neighbors

On the way out of my neighborhood, there are a couple of houses that belong to older couples - both couples are probably in their 80's. Maybe a bit older. The male halves of each couple remind me an awful lot of my father in law - one of the men obsessively washes his ginormous garbage can weekly, right after the trucks come to empty it - and both of the men are always and forever working in their yards....more

What Do You Mean, My Driving Scares You? (A Tale of Woe + a TIRE Giveaway!!!)

I was, I think, 15 or 16 when I first got behind the wheel. It's blurry to me - mostly because I'm old, but also I always block out times when someone is yelling at me....more

What Happens When You Step Back

It's really funny - social media. It feels powerful and awesome to look at your Facebook and your Twitter, your StumbleUpon, Pinterest and SnapChat - and see all of those friends....more

The Glamorous Lunch

I know when I was a kid, I thought that adults had the most AMAZING lunches....more

Sometimes, I Dabble in Camera Work

I have a camera. Sometimes, I take pictures. Sometimes, they come out pretty good ....more

Get Out of Your Head - No One Cares About Your House

So, it may not be knowledge to everyone here, but I am somewhat of a control freak. I like things done a certain way, mostly because I've determined that they are best done that way. Why waste time trying new ways to do things? ...more


Summertime…..And the livin' is easy….. We are fond of popsicles here. I'm not so fond of my kids eating sugar all day long, but everyone loves a popsicle ....more

Naked, One Step at a Time

On the advice of my doctor, about 5 months ago, I started going for massage....more