Mom to the Screaming Masses

Mom to six incredibly loud and opinionated kids who are always right no matter what. I have my black belt in Muay Thai boxing. My passions include Zumba and Crossfit classes, reading and cooking.  A desire to eat as close to non processed as possible doesn't mean I don't love me some Diet Coke. And some coffee. Always, with the coffee. We deal with asthma, food allergies, autistic spectrum issues, and smart mouths on a daily basis

The Morning Routine

There's a funny thing going around, in which women share their morning routines. It's a riff off of an article in which 12 Women Leaders share their routines....more

Hello? Hello? Is This Thing On?

Geez. Give me a blog and a bunch of new Facebook fans and I fall off the face of the internet....more

One Day More - the Grocery Edition

I was going to have my daughter sing this, but it never quite worked out. To the tune of "One Day More" from Les Mis, just put the song on and read along. :) ...more

Balance Isn't Just a Ballet Activity

Yes, that's me. Yes, that's my leg. No, I do not have any shame at all ....more

Everyone Has Baggage

I love to go to the airport. I travel - not a ton, but a couple of times a year, and the airport is a fascinating place to spend time....more

Notes of Affirmation

In the month of November, I am performing what, in my mind, is an experiment on my personal Facebook page. Every day, I pick two of my friends, at random, and I leave a post on their own personal Facebook page. In that post, I tell them why I appreciate their friendship, what I like about them, what makes them unique and special ....more

It's Either Laugh or Cry

Soooooo, yeah. Let's talk about Wednesday....more

Pumpkin Spice Donuts

I dunno. Maybe I'm turning into a food blogger....more

What It's Like to Raise a High Functioning Kid

So, you have a kid who registers "off", and you take that kid for evals, plural, and therapies, plural, and you deal with issues, plural, and you spend years doing this, and it becomes, shall we say, part of the scenery - the reality that you have a kid who is just different....more

Hog Butchering Class

When I went on the #FarmtoPork tour, I saw pork from, well, the beginning to the end. I saw the insemination process, the nursery, the finishing farms, the kill floor, and the processing plant. I learned a lot ....more