Anil Dash on Unintentional Exclusion

I've been meaning to link to two of Anil Dash's posts for some time:1. You Can't Start the Revolution from the Country Club2. Country Clubs and Deliberate Design ...more

The BlogHer Consumer Electronics Study: How Women Shop for Tech

I can't believe I forgot to post this here last week when we released it. I guess I was caught in the CES whirlwind ....more

Twitter vs. Google: Clash of the big babies

Today I had a little Twitter rant about Twitter's problem with Google's announcement about their search changes.It went like this: ...more

PSA: Blogging is not just what *you* do.

As the year draws to an end, it stirs a natural impulse to review and reflect. Analyze and assess. And being human, and therefore naturally self-absorbed, it is also natural to make the most common of blogging faux pas. it goes like this:I used to have a joke: Everyone thinks "real" blogging is how *they* blog.Today my joke would be: Everyone thinks that how their own blogging has evolved is how all of blogging has evolved ....more

I'm speaking at the 92nd Street Y, with a panel of accomplished women

If you're a New Yorker, or ever have been one, the 92nd Street Y is pretty much iconic. ...more

BlogHer and partner Lisa Stone on NPR's Tell Me More

Nice shout-out to Lisa, and her place on Working Mother Media's "Most Powerful Moms" list at about 4:50 in this podcast: ...more

Steve Jobs, Apple and the intersection of "censorship" and capitalism

I just finished reading the Steve Jobs biography this morning. It's a good read. Jobs was a fascinating character. I took a few lessons away about focus, more than anything, but very little about how to interact with people ....more

Some discounts for you on my next couple NYC speaking gigs

I'm going to NYC three times within four weeks in October/November. (Yes, I thought about just living there for a month, but it didn't work.)Among the many fun-filled activities I have planned, I'm speaking at two conferences offering discounts to you, my readers. (Also, to any other speakers readers. And in one case, also to every single BlogHer community member.)So, here's the scoop:1. Web 2.0 Expo in NYC, October 10-13Use the code 'webny11fos' and get 25% off registration ....more

Term sheet advice for entrepreneurs from GigaOm

GigaOm features a good, nuts and bolts article on the Top 5 things you should know about term sheets today.They cite:1. Valuation2. Resetting vesting3. Liquidation preferences4. Protective provisions5. Expanding the options poolAnd they provide good basic info about what to expect and what to look for ....more

Gut reaction to Facebook Timeline

A friend just let me log on to her Facebook, so I could check out folks with Timeline enabled. Here was my gut reaction to her, after noting that it was indeed more visually appealing than Facebook had ever looked before:I think that they're biting off more than we as users want to chew. It's too much; it's overwhelming; and seems too complicated to manage. Everything I hate about FB amplified, but prettier.Here's how social media use breaks down for ...more