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Visit: Bird Kingdom {Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada}

A sweet little place to stop when you’re visiting Niagara Falls in Canada … let’s pop into Bird Kingdom. Any time we’re traveling, I always keep my eyes open for places where we can visit animals. Whether it be a zoo, aquarium, sanctuary, or something completely different, it’s something both my kids like (especially the nine-year-old who is still aspiring to be a vet when she grows up!), so when I spotted references to the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls, I added it to our Spring Break list ....more

Weekend Photos in Review

*otherwise known as the miracle “slime activator” *Taylor Ham, Egg, & Cheese on the road *I spent two hours shredding massive amounts of these last week. *I brake for garage sales *Visiting The Seeing Eye with our Girl Scouts ...more

Spring Break 2017 {That Time We Visited Canada}

Usually when I say I’ve never been somewhere, my mom usually replies, “Oh, you were there when you were little.” And I totally don’t remember much before age 8, except for some scant randomness, so if I don’t remember it, it can’t count, right? But this time I was right … I really have never been to Canada, and it was high time to correct that. Visiting Niagara Falls has been on my bucket list forever, and I finally crossed it off during our Spring Break trip this year, and what a fun trip it was! ...more

Weekend Photos in Review

Summer weekends were made for Jell-O eating contests The closest thing to a Pineapple Dole Whip, without going to Disneyworld ....more

Weekend Photos in Review

*cheesy empanada from farmer’s market *sushi burrito ...more

Wordless Wednesday