A Mommy Story

Mom to Cordy the Amazon Warrior Princess and Mira the Drama Queen, wife to a writer, registered nurse, blogger, Renaissance Woman. I never stop learning.

Magic at Play Outfits From Kohl’s and Disney (Giveaway!)

Last weekend, I left Ohio behind for another trip – this time to Disneyland for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Yes, that’s two conferences in two Disney locations within two weeks! I’d like to say I’m on the Disney tour, but no one has invited me to a conference on a Disney cruise…yet ....more

Changes to the Gifted Changes

So some good news: after a lot of outrage by parents of gifted children in our school district, the district has announced it will postpone any changes to the gifted services programs. Well, sort of. Last week, the district administration met after a parent meeting earlier in the day, where they got an earful from parents who were not happy with having the changes dropped on them with no notice and no input ....more

I Leave for a Week, and Everything Goes to Hell

Forgive me, Internet, for I have sinned. It’s been over a week since my last post, but in my defense, I have a really good excuse: ...more

An Unexpected Typical Development

Cordy is a hugger. Well, she likes to hug those she knows and trusts, and has always been fairly affectionate with those in her family. When she was younger, we had to spend a lot of time teaching her about personal space, as she likes to get right up next to people when talking them ....more

Slowly Saving for Disney World

Last year, we took the kids to Walt Disney World for their first trip. It was not a cheap vacation, but one we had budgeted for over the span of half a year. At the time, we didn’t plan on visiting the home of the Mouse for another few years ....more

Streaming TV for Kids with Kidoodle.TV

At least once a week, we find ourselves in a situation where one or both kids must sit somewhere boring and wait quietly. Sometimes it’s for an appointment, sometimes it’s while we take one to gymnastics or the other to her therapy session, and the other kid has to tag along because the other parent is occupied. Books work in many situations, but for longer waits or long car trips, we often like to pull out electronic media to provide additional reward for waiting patiently ....more

Not So Sick (But Possibly Sick of Math)

Yesterday just after lunch, the phone rang and I recognized the elementary school’s phone number immediately. I answered and one of Cordy’s teachers was on the other end, telling me that Cordy was complaining of a headache, a stomachache and feeling like she could faint. This hasn’t been the first time I’ve had a call like this ....more

Keeping Myself Moving

Since the start of 2014, I’ve been making an effort to exercise more again. I was a bit delayed with that goal due to my shoulder injury, but now that physical therapy has started, there’s no excuse not to get moving. Last week was my first meeting with the physical therapist ....more

Even An Optometrist Appointment Has Drama

Last week, I took Cordy and Mira to their first optometrist appointments. I know, I should have scheduled eye appointments long before now. But Cordy has only recently reached a point where she doesn’t have a panic attack in any kind of doctor’s office, and all of the tools used to look at eyes would have freaked her out in the past ....more

Castaway Bay: Escape Winter Without Leaving Ohio

Are you done with Winter? I’m a person who loves snow, but even I have my limits. The dry skin, the constant cold, slipping on the ice, dreading leaving my warm blankets each morning when the alarm goes off…there have been several times I’ve wished I could get away to a warmer climate for a few days ....more