A Mommy Story

Christina is a mom to two strong-willed girls and has been blogging for 10 years at A Mommy Story, where she writes about parenting, special-needs, education, travel, Disney, and running. She's lost 80 pounds over the last five years and has since then taken up running to keep those pounds from catching up to her again. 

Escaping Everyday Stress at Castaway Bay

How’s 2016 been going so far, you ask? Well, the two words that best describe 2016 so far for me have been busy and stressful. I feel guilty using the word “busy” because I know that word is thrown around as an excuse for everything anymore, but it certainly does apply to the past couple of months ....more

Yet Another Update On My Shoulder

It’s flu shot season, which means that the traffic has started to pick up on my first post regarding the shoulder injury I suffered as a result of my flu shot in early 2014. I’m sorry to see so many comments from others that they’ve had similar experiences and to see the same question over and over: will this ever get better? I guess I’m overdue for an update on my own experience with SIRVA ....more

Marvel’s Ant-Man Available on Blu-ray and Digital HD.

Disclaimer: We were provided a free digital download of Marvel’s Ant-Man for the purposes of this review. The Marvel Movie machine rumbles on as they bring us the biggest tiny heroes to the screen. The saga of bringing Ant-Man to the big screen is kind of a fascinating one ....more

My First Half Marathon: Columbus Half Marathon

Ever since I ran the Princess Enchanted 10k at Walt Disney World earlier this year, I knew I wanted to train for a half marathon. It seemed like a distance that would be a challenge for me to accomplish, but wasn’t so far out of reach that it would be near-impossible. I had originally planned for the Emerald City Half Marathon in August to be my first half marathon ....more

Getting Back into the Groove

Well, that was an unintended pause in writing. Let me catch everyone up on how things are going. First, thank you to so many of you who left comments of support on my last post ....more

Going Through The Motions

I didn’t expect to take such a long hiatus between posts, and I can’t even put a lot of blame on being too busy. I have a few posts started and in various stages of completion, and yet I haven’t been able to click publish for any of them. Truth is, I’m depressed ....more

Summer’s Here, and Cedar Point Is Waiting For You

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary one-night stay and park tickets by Cedar Point. All of the fun was complimentary. Can you feel it? ...more

Runs in the Family

Part of my motivation to run more was the hope that I’d inspire the kids to want to join in on the activity. When we registered for the Princess Half Marathon weekend races, we signed Cordy and Mira up for the one mile race for kids. We expected to see Cordy cross the finish line first, with Mira further behind ....more

Using HomeTeam™ To Stay Connected To Extended Family

My mom lives about an hour from us, which isn’t very far away. However, with her busy schedule, there are many times she might as well be in another state. It’s often difficult to schedule a time to get together so she can spend time with her granddaughters between our two schedules ....more

The Month of Too Much

There are some months that are just so full – of both good and bad – that you want them to be over as quickly as possible, if just to catch your breath and get back to some sense of normalcy. That was March for me. We’re already halfway into April, and I’m still trying to recover from the previous month ....more