Reconnecting to the Role

This past weekend I was grouchy. I'm at the hardest part of my half-marathon training, so I'm tired physically a lot. We just had a week solid of sultry, sweaty days and thick summer nights ....more

Growing Up

"Did I used to put my head here?" she asked, even though she knew the answer, that this is a dance we do. "Yes, right here on my shoulder. And then, finally, you would sleep from 5-7 am." I remember those days, dragging myself to work to pay for diapers and formula and daycare ....more

I Am the Party

"You are the party," she said. We were in college. I'm sure I was crying over what the kids now call FOMO ....more

The Transformation of Chateau Travolta: New Deck Edition

(This post originally appeared on And look, I made a Pinterest-y thing!) Because I'm not like a professional blogger or anything, I forgot to take rock-solid "before" pictures, so some parts of the deck are already removed here. In recent years, we realized the deck was getting seriously squishy ....more

Kizzy Had Surgery. Very Drastic Surgery.

Well, a year and a half after I wrote Help, My Cat Can't Pee on BlogHer, my sweet little black cat, Kizzy, almost died again from a total urinary blockage. Thankfully, before he blocked completely, we'd already decided to take the rather dramatic step of perineal urethrostomy surgery. Cats become candidates for this crazy surgery after they've been blocked three or more times, according to my vet ....more

The Little Black Cat Had Surgery

Kizzy has had an extremely tough week. I'm going to write about the whole thing on BlogHer and will add a link here when I do. The good news is he is recuperating and so far hasn't had complications and can take the cone off hopefully Monday ....more

Earthquakes. And Iran. And Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Note: I wrote this on the plane on the way to #BlogHer15, so this post is already ten days old. After consulting some friends, I decided to publish it anyway. I don't really care if it doesn't win me any popularity contests ....more

Hosting Voices of the Year

Last year, I had the honor of picking up the BlogHer Voices of the Year mantle from my predecessors late in the season. I remember standing backstage and holding my breath as each person read, feeling their excitement and nerves bubbling as they rushed breathlessly on and off, some breaking into tears as they stepped backstage into a line of hugs from a group of recently former strangers. This year, I went through the entire process soup to nuts ....more

Traveling Alone

I'm traveling this week to #BlogHer15 in New York City. Packing always reminds me of the combined apprehension and freedom I feel taking off on my own. Knowing there will be no one to watch your bags while you use the facilities changes your suitcase strategy ....more

The In-Between Space

My daughter is in between needing daycare and being able to get a job during the summer, and we are sort of flummoxed about it. She has alternated between staying with me as I work and attending a parks & rec summer camp that is unfulfilling but what we can afford. We can't afford a nanny ....more