I have worked online since 1995. I have several personal blogs, way too many feeds in my reader.

I am passionate about my family and online community.

I work as a Community Moderator for Mother Nature Network and also work for the BlogHer Publishing Network.

Assorted Personal Facts:

We have a blended family of six children--from all grown up and married down to one left in high school. I am also a proud grandma of a toddler. I am a caregiver for my mother who lives with us. We have three prairie dogs and three very spoiled rescued hound dogs. I read an excessive number of books each year. (over 300) I love good home cooking and grew up in a home heavily influenced by my mother's southern heritage. I continue this in my own cooking.

I Facebooked…but should have blogged!

So here are the things I should have blogged: Dog News Skeeter Bess–most beautiful and smart poodle and treeing walker coonhound in the world got sick last week. Really sick. She went from having some soft stools to shooting liquid blood out! ...more

Happy Earth Day!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Have you thought about how you eat being related to the state of the planet? Do you actually do something besides “I think that is a great idea. I will give it a try!”? ...more

Things I Care About

This blog! I do. It doesn’t show lately, but I really do care about this blog ....more

An American Love Affair

I didn’t get my license until I was over 21. In fact, I had already celebrated my first wedding anniversary before I was licensed to drive. My children are curiously part of the millennials who don’t look forward to driving at ALL ....more

I love Rock and Roll…and Women

As we planned our weekend in Cleveland to visit our Freshman College Girl, we decided to skip “Parents’ Weekend” activities. I want to see the library from the inside but other than that–breakfast with the President of the college isn’t high on my list. I prefer breakfast with my baby ....more

Falling in Love…

Today because of some news, I pm’d a friend a mine that I had questioned last week about something. I wanted to reassure her that no, it had nothing to do with the news at all. She understood and had never thought that, but I am me ....more

Hi There

After August 18 and a good run in August…something happened, ok a lot of things happened. Pippin and Jenn and the rest of the family and some friends were here. Other things happened that left me a bit trauma struck ....more

A Lesson in Social Media From Teens

Once upon a time, a friend of one of my kids friended me on Facebook. She immediately told my child that I didn’t know how to use Facebook because I posted too much. My child gave it an eyeroll ....more

Sublimely Sixteen

Elizabeth is sixteen now. It is easy to get lost in thought while trying to come up with something coherent to say about her. I’ve pondered talking about her birth story ....more

Nudity? What my kids think drives traffic

So, in light of my desire to increase traffic to prove I can do it–I surveyed the kids, actually just the 18 yo and 16 yo, about how to increase traffic. These are their ideas: Nude Celebrities (maybe photoshopped with food?) Nude Food Bloggers Female nudity should just be “boobies” because “no one” wants to […] Related Posts: A List Because I Hear They Drive Traffic A Start (Yet Another BlogHer13 Post) Numbers Game Thankful for Options… On My Way to BlogHer14 in San Jose–with YOU?! (and a… ...more