I have worked online since 1995. I have several personal blogs, way too many feeds in my reader.

I am passionate about my family and online community.

I work as a Community Moderator for Mother Nature Network and also work for the BlogHer Publishing Network.

Assorted Personal Facts:

We have a blended family of six children--from all grown up and married down to one left in high school. I am also a proud grandma of a toddler. I am a caregiver for my mother who lives with us. We have three prairie dogs and three very spoiled rescued hound dogs. I read an excessive number of books each year. (over 300) I love good home cooking and grew up in a home heavily influenced by my mother's southern heritage. I continue this in my own cooking.

Menu for the Week

Here is our menu for the week. It started Saturday, but I just am now posting it. Saturday Pimento cheese chicken, garlic bread or ciabatta from freezer, salad (lettuce from last week) Sunday-Melissa–Tapas (Cheese tour, meat tour, street corn, burrata, pickled vegetables ....more

Stream of Waste

I took the garbage out and to the street yesterday evening. It isn’t one of my normal chores. For whatever reason, when setting up our household, it fell into being Denise’s job ....more

Holidays and hashtags

I love nearly ALL holidays. #Talklikeapirate day excluded. But, go ahead and sign me up for #gruntledworkerday and family favorite #pigday ....more

The Cubs Game

I had a magical birthday month. Denise thought of everything and anything for my birthday. Then Mama topped it off with a fabulous birthday cake from Sugarees ....more


Sometimes I wonder why I click on articles. “Click bait” articles. One today: 10 Things You Don’t Know You Can Do With Facebook ....more

Apps I Would Design

For many years, I’ve been apathetic about apps. I know the rest of you have hundreds. I am edging up lately myself ....more

Kindle Fires by the Six Pack

Once upon a time we had a house FULL of tech desiring children. Ok, they still desire tech–but are pickier now. I want to point out that our family has SIX children ....more

Quiet Suburbs?

Those of you living in cities and those of you believing in the idea of your living in a bedroom community, I have words for you. The suburbs are not quiet. At all ....more

Use Your Words and Wisely

Blogging. Some of us (ME) have pretty much forgotten about using our words on our blogs. We’ve got connectivity with other people all over the place ....more


I am down to one pair of jeans. The other pair gave up the ghost in an awkwardly obvious to me way yesterday. Thanks to my Konmari organized cubby–I KNOW it is one pair of jeans ....more