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Lindsay Ferrier is a wife, stepmom to two college-age girls, and mom to a 7-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl. She's been writing the popular personal blog Suburban Turmoil since 2005, which has been featured in magazines, national and international newspapers and on television. Lindsay is also currently hosting and family travel show called "Tout Your Town" and working on a book.

Swimming With Sharks, and Other Stupid Ways to Die

When my husband, Dennis and I were on Saint Simons Island recently, a standout feature of the beach outside our hotel was a massive sandbar just off the coast that was exposed only during low tide. Getting there took a short swim from the shore, but it was worth it to stand on what felt like a tiny, barren island in the middle of the ocean and explore the riches washed up by the previous tide. A few people used kayaks or paddleboards to get to the sandbar, but having neither, we decided to swim ....more

Vacationing in Atlanta with Kids: Ideas to Make It Awesome!

In this post, I’ll give you the real deal on taking your family to Loews Atlanta, Atlanta restaurants Bantam + Biddy and Lure, and the Georgia Aquarium. A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I dropped our kids off at my parents’ house just outside of Atlanta and headed down to Charleston, S.C. and St. Simons Island for our annual ‘Honeymoon Trip.’ We had a blast (more on this later) and so did the kids– but by the end of the week, we Ferriers were missing each other A LOT ....more

35 Amazing Tips From Parents of Adults to Parents of Kids

Yesterday, I asked on Facebook and via e-mail for parenting advice from those of you who’ve already raised your children to adulthood. The resulting responses were poignant and funny and heartbreaking and full of wisdom – and I couldn’t keep all this great advice to myself. So here are some of my favorites– Enjoy. 1 ....more

Empty Nest

“Have you seen the nest?” my husband asked me one morning a few weeks ago. “Which one?” I replied. We’re in the middle of a banner bird season here in Nashville– The dog whistle-like chirps of baby birds wake me bright and early every morning, and bits of robins’ blue egg shells are strewn across our front yard and driveway ....more

An Absolutely Perfect Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is coming right up (It’s SUNDAY, y’all. DON’T FORGET!) and all I have to say right now is thank God for Amazon Prime. I can order just about anything under the sun and have it here in two days without paying extra for shipping ....more

Save the Date- And Enter to Win a $100 VISA Gift Card!

Now that summer is quickly approaching, we’re all looking for good beach reads (or perhaps these would be more aptly titled as poolside reads, just-out-of-reach-of-the-sprinkler reads, or lock-yourself-in-the-bathroom reads), and ladies, have I got one for you. Mary Kay Andrews, who may well be considered one of the all-out QUEENS of beach read-y novels, has a new one out called Save the Date. Here’s a quick synopsis from the publisher: A savannah florist is about to score the wedding of a lifetime—one that will solidify her career as the go-to-girl for society nuptials ....more

What to Do With Your Kids in Chattanooga

With our oldest two in college in Chattanooga for the last six years (and counting), we have gotten to know the city very, very, very well. Two hours from both Atlanta and Nashville, Chattanooga is one of the most family-friendly places I’ve ever visited. Spend a weekend here with your kids and you’ll definitely want to come back for more ....more

Sonia Kashuk Answers Your Beauty Questions!

Do you remember when I asked you to give me some questions for Sonia Kashuk, who has created a luxurious-yet-affordable makeup line just for Target? Well, I (along with four other bloggers) recently got the opportunity to ask Sonia some of the questions that YOU submitted, during a Google Hangout! Sonia was incredibly personable and down to earth– and she gave us some tips that I’m really excited about using ....more

Warped Childhood, Restoration Hardware Style: VOLUME III

Another season has passed and I realized that it was high time for me to check in once again on the good men and women of Restoration Hardware. A quick look through one of Restoration Hardware’s telephone book-sized catalogs makes it clear that their designers and stylists clearly have one well-manicured finger placed firmly on the pulse of the average American citizen, and nowhere is this more evident than in the pages of Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. See for yourselves what the typical Restoration Hardware family is up to: When Peony told her friends that her dearest wish was for little Ochre to grow up in a world that was colorblind, they had no idea she’d meant it quite literally ....more

40 Awesome Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer (Craftiness Not Required!)

My kids will finish up the school year in t-minus 4 days and y’all? I need a PLAN… A PLAN to keep them from driving me crazy! Of course I’ve signed them up for day camps and Vacation Bible Schools, and we have a couple of vacations to look forward to, but there are still SO MANY DAYS left when they will surely come to me with that age-old question: “What do we do now?” I like to have a list of ideas for these times, so that I’m not standing there all “UH DUH, I DON’T KNOW.” And I figured I might as well share my list with you ....more