52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Two Weeks of #HatfieldXmas15

#HatfieldXmas15 + 52 Weeks of Brotherhood update: Last Wednesday, my iPhone was in a plastic bag with rice. When I went to grab a picture for 52 Weeks of Brotherhood off of my iCloud account, I realized I hadn’t set up the photos to backup to iCloud when I got my new phone. In September ....more

Flashbacks and Birthdays

I took my daughter’s birthday gifts to the Post Office today. I selected a cute, pinkified, non-Christmasy bubble mailer. I placed the items inside ....more

Breaking Bread with Brooke Burke Tongue Twister – #BBwBBChallenge

“Food connects us all to family, friends, culture, and traditions.” This is the quote that starts off the new series, Breaking Bread with Brooke Burke. I couldn’t agree more. Especially during this time of year ....more

The Person We Were Yesterday Is Dead

“Each day, we wake slightly altered, and the person we were yesterday is dead. So why, one could say, be afraid of death, when death comes all the time?” -John Updike It’s a thought, that one. The person we were yesterday is dead ....more

Friday Five: December 4, 2015

Friday Five Photos I Didn’t Post Elsewhere Top left: LittleBrother bowling. Top Right: Me at the tree farm. Center: Callie sleeping on the big bed ....more

We Solved All of America’s Problems

Tonight, my husband and I solved all the country’s problems. Gun control? Solved it ....more

December Is Hard

I texted my husband, from my old phone as my current phone sits in a bag of rice as I spilled a cup of milk directly on top of it: “December is stupid.” He replied, “Sometimes. I think this is going to be a good one though.” — December is hard. I mean, it’s hard for lots of people for lots of reasons ....more

Santa, 2015

Santa, 2015 Super Santa Shirts from Gymboree | Hair Style by Lack of Haircut | Smiles by Santa! Santa, 2014-2008 Santa, 2015 is a post from Stop, Drop and Blog. Want more of Stop, Drop and Blog? ...more

On Changing Traditions: Christmas Books for Advent Calendars

Advent calendars start counting down the days until Christmas tomorrow. One by one, little doors will be opened by excited little hands, little envelopes plucked off string. We’ve continued to practice our Advent calendar tradition for six years now, choosing little envelopes filled with activities that encourage family togetherness and community giving ....more

A Slower, More Mindful Holiday

We put up the tree yesterday, after cutting it down at our favorite tree farm in Ohio. The boys helped decorate it, and I taught them the importance of wrapping the metal hook around the branch on live trees. I gave thanks that they handled the shatter-proof ornaments while I tended to the more delicate ones; I lost count as to how many they dropped or knocked off the tree when they didn’t wrap the hook just so ....more