So Close

Tertia Albertyn is a recovering infertile and mother to twins conceived on her 9th IVF, plus another 'surprise!' baby. Her popular blog ( about her struggle to have children was rated the top blog in South Africa in 2007, 2008 and 2010. She released her book ‘So Close’ in 2006, based on her blog and detailing her five year battle with infertility. Tertia has taken her experiences as an infertility veteran and channeled it into something positive for others.  In 2008 she launched Nurture, South Africa’s premier Egg Donor and Surrogacy program ( .  She has a MBA from the University of Cape Town and lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband and three children.

Small Fibre Sensory Neuropathy aka My Feet Hurt Like Hell.

You know how if you don’t say something out loud then it isn’t really real?...more

❤ Together forever ❤

Kate really loves me. ...more

Bright Lights Place of Safety

My lovely sister Melanie is studying to be a social worker. ...more

Hey fatty-pants!

As I have said before, Max is doing so super well developmentally. ...more

Seeing how the other half lives

I have been asked to participate in the LG Back to School Campaign. ...more

Happiness has a very nice son

Yesterday we dropped Happiness and Lwando off at the taxi rank after work and as she is getting out the car Max says to her "Happiness, I must just say, you have a very nice son". ...more

Art = not his favourite.

Max will more than likely need to repeat Grade R next year. ...more

All the feels.

I want to try and describe a feeling to you, let me try to describe it by using different scenarios. Imagine that feeling you would get if you tried really hard at something, something that meant a lot to you, something that you really loved, lets say drawing or painting. One day the art teacher holds up your painting or drawing to the rest of the class and says "Class, take a look at this wonderful picture ....more

Domestic workers are clearly not a profitable target market

I am feeling a little annoyed and a little ranty. ...more

Trevor Noah is making me anxious.

Those who know me, know that I am quite odd. ...more