Turkey and Stuffing, 2014

This year we tried to get Dane and Finn in on the singing. That went over like a lead balloon. For a trip down memory lane, visit this post where all of the old videos are linked! ...more

Halloween, Past and Present

2014 2013 ...more

My Little Magoo Turned FIVE (10 Days Ago)

My littlest girl is not so little. As she tells me, being five automatically makes you a Big Kid, so now I'm not allowed to refer to her as one of the 'littles' anymore. She's charming and feisty and loyal and loving ....more

Done, Done, Done and DONE!

All four of these silly kids are back in school!!! ...more

My Lulu Belle is SEVEN!



We were on vacation last week, and nothing is going well this week. We had a wart removal, and an oozing ear hole, and a crazy camp schedule, and an over grown garden. Maybe next week will be better.. ....more

The One Where Everybody Died

Last week was rough.On Saturday, a relative of SOB's died from complications of a brain aneurysm. He was young, and it was sudden. Sam had just golfed in his first family golf tournament, and we were out celebrating with all of the men in my family when I got the call from SOB's sister ....more

The Beanie Boo Infestation

Have you ever heard of a beanie boo? If not, read no further, and run for the hills. I don't want to be responsible for spreading this madness....more

Summertime Insanity

So, yeah. I have/had this blog thing, but updating it has gotten a little, well, difficult. Summer should be for relaxing, but most years it seems even more hectic than the school year ....more

What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Amy Jo

I know it seems silly to be recapping my summer vacation when the season only properly began a few days ago, but trust me we've already crammed an entire summer's worth of stuff in! At the time of my last posting, the big children were just wrapping up school. We got them home just in time to ditch the boys with their grandparents and whisk the girls away to Hilton Head for a few days ....more