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GidgeI'm a Mommyblogger who is a full time Senior Manager. As a mother of four children, two of whom are autistic, my life is a series of challenges to be met.

I'm passionate about fashion, sports, and my children.

The box hasn't been built that can hold me.


Idiopathic Just Means They Don't Know WTF

I got my diagnosis from my awesomesauce new doctor and it was sort of like GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS.Bad news, Chronic Idiopathic Uticaria is the reason I'm constantly breaking out with hives. ...more

I'm Fine This Is Fine

I've been eliminating various things in a half assed attempt to figure out what I'm allergic to prior to going to the doctor. I'm not sure why, possibly I was going to say "I was having all these hives but I eliminated dairy and now I'm cured. I think YOU owe ME some money."I mostly eliminated dairy, I quit drinking almond milk ....more

The One Where I Overschedule Our Day

You might wonder how many things can a family with four kids do in the course of one day. A good answer is probably one, considering the fact that we have two special little guys who need a lot more help than so called "typical" children. In typical ME fashion, though, I scheduled to run my first 5k ever early in the morning and then attend a Special Needs Egg hunt down in Norcross, followed by the family picnic held by that group.So first I made my family get out of bed at 6 am on a Saturday to go do this thing with me ....more

The One With Allergies From Hell

I have had this thing going on for weeks where allergies break out all over my skin. Well, not allergies but rather the result from allergies - rash, hives, whatever you want to call it. I'm allergic to something ....more

The Places You'll Go: Go Karts, Bears and Breakfast In The Cold

On the day it snowed it was around 28 degrees in the morning. I don't really remember how cold it was, what I do remember was that we didn't have winter coats with us AND that we decided to go drive Go Karts.Why? I'm not sure ....more

The Places You'll Go: Day Four

In the spirit of going places, remembering Aunt Debbie's legacy and putting some positive memory to end our trip we decided to stop for a couple of days in Gatlinburg on our way home. Nothing says "We're in Gatlinburg" like posing with a great big ass bear statue I think. My husband and I were chased out of our hot tub during our honeymoon by a bear here in Gatlinburg ....more

The Places You'll Go: Day Three

Once upon a time a married couple with a very young daughter bought their first house. They bought a fixer-upper that needed a LOT of fixing-uping. That was okay as the man built houses for a living, and his brother owned a brick mason company and between them they had both the tools and the talent for turning any house into a lovely place ....more

The Places You'll Go: Day Two

It seems like the places we've gone have been too much for sad reasons lately. It isn't entirely true, but you know how harsh words loom larger than kind ones? Sad trips loom larger than happy ones as well.We rolled north, returning to our homeland to say goodbye to someone we loved and with it came all the stress of travel, the joy of reunion and the heartbreak of death.Pretty typical trip to Indiana lately, I must say ....more

A Brief Pause While I Whine

I've been in this weird place between too much activity, too many ideas and not enough time. Thus I've got a whole series of posts written in my mind yet I've got to pause them and whine about myself.It's my body. It's betraying me.The betrayal in minor in nature, at this juncture ....more

The Places You'll Go: Day One

When someone dies there is an insane amount of stuff to do. I'm not sure if that's by design to keep the grieving busy, plugged into the "business" of life, but it's true. There are people to call, there are things to sign ....more