PhotoHunt ~ Public

The PhotoHunt for today is Public Public transportation is the ONLY way to get around London This is the view form the Number 11.Check for all the other Public Photos on The Saturday PhotoHuntHappy Hunting y'all~Sandi ...more

PhotoHunt ~ Beard

The PhotoHunt for today is Beard. I was digging through photos for a fabulous beard (isn't that what the photohunt is all about?)I cam across these photos of my favorite museum in Florence This is the monastary San Marco ~ 15th century church and convent that housed the dominican artist ...more

PhotoHunt ~Kid

The Saturday PhotoHunt is 'Kid'Yesterday a popup on my Kayak showed that airfare to Italy was $600 LESS than it has been.I resisted. But ....more

Travel Tuesday ~ Provincetown

Whilst I was in Boston, I was on an eating extravaganza. While I was near the cold waters of the NE, I wanted to tick all the boxes Oysters, mussels and of course~ Lobster Rolls (minus the bread)We went to the famous Bubala's ....more

PhotoHunt ~Coin

The PhotoHunt for this weekend is 'Coin' This is a story about the need for the coin. I was at the Vatican and wanted to Light a candle at the chapel of Saint Anna ( a beautiful little chapel behind the Vatican walls ....more

Traveling Tuesday ~ to the Cape!

Over the 4th of July I took a little trip to Boston and the North Shore.It is so New Englad and a great place to be in the summer. (notice I haven't posted a single photo of a winter- time trip) One day we took a boat ride to the tip of Cape Cod ....more

PhotoHunt ~STOP

The PhotoHunt for today is STOP I am always entertained by the signs in Italy I think these mean STOP.As in you are about to fall in the water. This might mean stop before you slide off the cliff ....more

Tuesday ~ wishful traveling

A girl can dream y'all enjoy the ride~ Sandi ...more

PhotoHunt ~ Cross

The PhotoHunt for today is Cross. I had thousands of pictures to go through and picked some of my favorites. This cross is on the family chapel of my friend Anna Lisa's winery ....more

PhotoHunt ~Elegant

The PhotoHunt for today is 'Elegant' That doesn't describe me.But, it did make me think of this Elegant hotel in Positano. If I had the $$$, this is where I'd stay ....more