PhotoHunt ~ Indigo

The PhotoHunt today is 'Indigo' That was easy- peasy for me We love the indigo waters of the gulf coast Beautiful shades of Indigo ~ I am always ready for a road trip!Check for all the other Indigo...more

It's about the lemons ~

I am getting closer to our...more

PhotoHunt ~Ginormous

The PhotoHunt for today is 'Ginormous'I think of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence It is the heart of the city and you can see it from any side street. This Amazing building was completed in 1436 (more or less) ....more

Travel Tuesday ~Shopping in Positano

I've been looking through photos from our last trip to Positano and found some fun one's to share for Travel Tuesday. We have a good time shopping ~ even though we might not be making big purchases This shop owner may have bee tired of our shenanegans ....more

PhotoHunt ~Family

The PhotoHunt for this weekend is 'Family' We have always made the effort to get family photos when we are all together ~ sometimes it is quite an effort and some years we are picture perfect Most...more

Cooking Light ~ Celebrating Easter

For our Virtual Supper Club...more

PhotoHunt ~Bird

Is there anything more relaxing that watching the birds at the beach? I don't think so If there is, I will let you know after this weekend ....more

Travel Tuesday ~ Just Beachin'

For my traveling Tuesday... I think I'm going to do some beachin' (it's been that kind of week) and what a better place to relax than the...more

PhotoHunt ~Focus

The PhotoHunt for this week is 'Focus' I don't go to the beach without my handy camera . there is always something to Focus on I could have done a better job on Focusing in on this shot. But I still love the memory of it ~ Check for all the other...more