The Pioneer Woman

I'm a former city girl married to a rugged cattle rancher. I write about my transition to country life, the strange personalities of my four young children, and humiliating/hilarious moments from my past. "I'm just plowing through life in the calf nut at a time."

I’m in a Talkative Mood This Morning by Ree

Good morning! I’m in a talkative mood this morning, I’ll just warn you. Which reminds me of my sweet mother-in-law, Nan ....more

P-Dub Cheese Board! by Ree

The last several months of having a product line has been an adventure, an odyssey, a learning experience, a joy, and a journey. The majority of the time I spend on the PW line of products—and it’s a whole lotta time; I wouldn’t have it any other way—is spent not just on current products and making sure everything is 100% as it should be and that folks are happy (it’s the middle child in me), but also on future products and making sure the things coming around the corner/down the pike/’round the bend are exciting, fun, and a great value. On that note, The Pioneer Woman line will have a whole new collection this fall: First, a new collection of harvest-autumn dinnerware (which is seriously gorgeous: think teals, deep reds and shades of gold) and then, a new collection of Christmas-holiday dinnerware (over which I can hardly contain my excitement, it’s so gorgeous: think bright, cheery reds and CHARLIE SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS ....more

Radiant Red! by Ree

Today, because Fourth of July is just around the corner, because red is as patriotic a color as it gets, because it’s hump day, and because I love ya, I’m giving away one of these gorgeous, bright red KitchenAid stand mixers in this gorgeous “Empire Red” color. Doesn’t get any more stunning than this! TO ENTER To enter, fill out the entry box below ....more

Layered Chocolate Pudding Dessert by Brenda

Layered dessert recipes like this are loaded with memories for me: happy celebrations in church basements honoring soon-to-be brides and new babies. When I browsed through old community and church cookbooks from my home town in South Dakota, I found many different versions of this kind of sweet treat. But what I was yearning for most was a chocolate version that my mom and aunts always made ....more

80’s TV Quiz: Wednesday Night! by Ree

Eighties TV shows! We have so many favorites. And they really take us back ....more

When the Camera Rolls by Ree

We’re all finished filming this block of Food Network shows, and one of the last scenes that was shot involved the three younger Drummond kids (the oldest Drummond kid is being a camp counselor right now!) in the kitchen by themselves. ...more

Video: Penne alla Betsy! by Ree

If you have read my website for any length of time, you have probably seen this recipe here and there! It’s truly one of the simplest, tastiest recipes in my (and my sister’s!) arsenal, and I knew I wanted to turn it into a video. I still get feedback from folks who make the recipe who declare it a keeper ....more

Cassava (Yuca) 101 by Meseidy

What is cassava or yuca? Cassava or yuca (joo-kah) is a starchy tubular root like a potato, and is not to be confused with yucca (yuck-ah), which is an unrelated fruit-bearing shrub. Believe it or not, this is where we get tapioca: the cassava root is dried and ground to a powder to make tapioca ....more

Kevin Costner Movies Quiz: Answers and Winners! by Ree

Nice work on Costner, everyone! We hope the quiz reminded you of some of his finest moments. Here are the stats, answers, and winners!! ...more

How to Make and Freeze Pizza Dough by Joanne

There’s something wonderfully easy about making pizza at home, especially when all you have to do is roll out some pizza dough, throw some toppings on, and bake it in the oven for 10 minutes. I find that making big batches of pizza dough ahead of time and keeping it in the freezer really makes the process extra easy. And like the other “how to freeze” posts I’ve done here on Food & Friends, pizza dough freezes beautifully ....more