The Perfect Pantry

I'm a Boston-based food writer who used to live in a log house in the woods. Now I live right in the center of the city. The Perfect Pantry® ( features 250+ favorite ingredients, with recipes for how to use them. Lydia Likes It tells you everything else about me. I also publish e-cookbooks: find out more on my Amazon author page.

Most recently, I'm the co-author of Rhode Island Recipes: Creative, healthy cooking with iconic local foods.

Sweet and easy cole slaw

In the summer, you want things to be simple. Throw some tandoori spiced grilled lamb,...more

Podcasts in the Pantry: What are your favorites?

Serial introduced me to podcasts. On one weekend drive to New York City, my husband Ted and I binge-listened to the entire first season. I wanted more ....more

Broiled tofu and asparagus with hoisin, rice wine, and sesame

When it comes to revisiting old recipes, things don't always work out the way I plan. A post from 2008...more

Frittata with fennel, avocado and smoked salmon

A creative cook needs only two methods of cooking leftovers, two master recipes that disguise those bits and pieces and presto-change-o them into something completely new and exciting. These days we might call them kitchen hacks, but these kitchen "tricks" been around forever: toss leftovers into a soup pot, or wrap them in eggs. Fold any leftovers into any basic soup or egg recipe, and you've got a reliably wonderful "new" dish to put on the table ....more

Dijon mustard: gotta have it

In the house where I grew up, mustard was yellow, neon-bright yellow, and we squirted it...more

Quick and easy vegetarian collard greens

It takes a village to make a plate of...more

Chicken bulgogi

When we moved from the log house last year, we left behind our over-the-hill grill. Now that grilling season approaches, all I can think about is buying a new grill for our backyard, because dishes like this chicken bulgogi are calling to me. I pressed the broiler into service to make this recipe for you, because I'm sure I'm the only person who doesn't already have a grill cleaned and ready to go ....more

Films in the Pantry: what are your favorite food flicks?

Happy Saturday! Let's talk about...more

Double broccoli risotto

For most of my life, I didn't love broccoli, so a recipe...more