Leap of Faith

http://ukraineadventure.blogspot.com/ My husband and I adopted a little girl from Russia in march 2006. I blog about the joys & challenges of raising a child with RAD & ADHD. I recently returned to work as a Legal Advocate and should get a Gold medal for juggling.

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas


Birthday girl



We are completely moved in and mostly settled.... we have the third bedroom full of boxes and things to properly unpack and sort, and that will come with time....more

New place



Moving is such a pain.... I do truly hope...more


I was reading an article about Amy Pohler were she talks about the heartbreak of her divorce and she said something that struck a cord with me " I don't think a ten year marriage constitutes failure"..... I could not agree more. I don't think my 11 year marriage was a failure ....more

Great Expectations

Liv has always had Birthday parties, starting with her First Birthday at home at age 2....more

a Love story

So back in July I was on the website Zillow searching rentals for clients- in the corner a list of homes for sale within the area also came up. I happened to click on the link and noticed they had an upcoming open house. I felt so drawn to attend, which is weird for me. ....more


We Got Condo we have been wanting!!!!!!! so excited!!!!! Ask, Believe, Receive Now its time to pack ...more