New Job

I moved in with Rick in August and it took me a bit to snag a full time job. I was working a part-time job until something full-time came to fruition.I am starting a new job next week and I am super excited. ...more

2016 in Pictures

January ...more

Christmas 2016


Promises, Promises

Keeping it real here I have noticed some apprehension with Liv and she has said things like " Mom I don't want to move anymore"... I respond with " Uggh me neither". Then she goes on to say " If you break up with Rick, can we please stay in North Olmsted?".. ....more

The Good

Hey All, So it has been three months since the move. Rick and I were just talking and we really are pleased with how well Liv is adjusting and we are so glad we did this " big move" sooner than later. We could have waited a year and made this transition in the summer 2017 ....more

Happy Holidays


Lost & Found

( this is a watered down version of what is on My private blog since some people have mentioned an interest in following but for whatever reason have had difficulty with the invitation process) An author Jamie Primak Sullivan that does a morning live feed called Coffee talk was mentioning this Topic the other day and it got me thinking and questioning if I am guilty of this. The gist of the ...more


Life these days

Liv has adjusted better than I could have anticipated with the change of home, school and friends. She has been through many changes but she is a champ. The change in school has been tremendous, not to sound like a snob but man what a difference a good school makes ....more