Can I have a lift to choir practice?

Our daughter has been part of her high school choir since she first got to the school. It's been an incredible experience for her, and it's become one of those things we wish she could bottle up and take with her after she graduates.As any parent of a child in choir - or hockey, or swimming, or any other activity that involves showing up - knows, early morning practice is part of the deal. As they commit to pre-dawn wake-up calls, so, too, do mom and dad to making sure they get there on time.Every time there's a concert or music night at school, her music teachers take a moment to thank parents and caregivers for driving them to early-morning practices and otherwise ensuring they get up and out of the house on time ....more

A dog dreams

‎I often wonder what goes through our little guy's mind. He seems outwardly happy, but his complete absence of English skills keeps us from being absolutely sure. If only I could travel, Magic School Bus-style, into his canine brain to observe, first-hand, what's really going on in there ....more

Stairway to not-heaven


Railroad to infinity

Never endingLondon, ONAugust 2014For more patterned Thematic, head here Never mind the fact that positioning yourself on a set of railroad tracks to get the shot is probably not the safest thing to do. But I figured I'd hear and feel an approaching train long enough before its arrival to get myself out of harm's way.The double-standard for my kids, however, still applies. They are so busted if they ever come home with anything like this on their memory cards.Your turn: Where does this track lead? ...more

On hope

"Once you choose hope, anything’s possible."Christopher Reeve Hard to believe it's been a decade since the world lost him. Yet thanks to the way he chose to lead his life, his legacy burns just as brightly today as it always has. Makes me think.Your turn: So what do you hope for? ...more

Thematic Photographic 312 - Patterns

Destroyed by unseen predatorsLondon, ONOctober 2014 The emerald ash borer is a nasty little bug, devouring ash trees and leaving them for dead. We live smack in the middle of a kill zone, and for years there were signs just down the road from us warning people against moving wood products out of the area.From the looks of what was left of this particular tree in a ravine just a couple of blocks away from the house, it didn't work. The beetles came, and they ate and ate and ate, leaving no surviving ash trees in their wake.It was a sobering moment for me and my daughter as we walked along the path and captured the scene in photos ....more

Netscape Navigator turns 20

I risk dating myself, but I remember the first time I used the Netscape Navigator browser to surf the then-radical World Wide Web. It wasn't my first browser experience, mind you - I had been using the character-based Lynx for some time, and although the experience was somewhat lame, It was still something that moved the soul.Still, installing Netscape from that stack of 1.44-megabyte diskettes and firing it up was a revelation. Dusty old DOS was tossed aside in favor of a graphical view of the Web ....more

Not quite following in dad's footsteps

In focusLondon, ONOctober 2014Click all photos to embiggen Dahlia is 17 going on adulthood, an old soul who seems to have figured out the ins and outs of the world far sooner than I ever did.She's discovered a few things about herself in recent years, chief among them an innate artistic gift, inherited from my lovely wife. This kid can draw. Jaw-droppingly well ....more

Zero dark thirty

The scene: It's 2 a.m. and my alarm goes off. Oddly, I'm already awake. I've been staring at my smartphone's clock for the last 15 minutes, waiting for the minutes to tick down ....more