$800 Doctor Bill

Have you ever opened the mail and found an unanticipated bill that just made the blood drain out of your face and you feel sick to your stomach? I have. Lord knows, I have ....more

Lessons from Therapy: Day #1

I just had my first therapy session this week and I’m happy to say that it went better than I’d expected! I was nervous about whether we would “click” and be a good fit, but we really gelled in terms of personalities and it felt like I was chatting with a friend (albeit a friend I’m paying to listen to me. heh) ....more

Holy Crap – ANOTHER Raise!?!?!

Guys. I can’t even. Pinch me, because I don’t even believe it ....more

Going for Broke: Things to Consider When Investing Without a Broker

Most investors work with a broker to help them find and purchase the right stocks for their portfolio. However, you can go it alone if you prefer. When investing without a broker, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure your money is as safe as possible and make it work hard for you ....more

I’m Still Here

I don’t even know where to start. I really crashed this summer emotionally, like really....more

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday, friends! Just peeking in quickly today with some fun news…I got a raise!!! Wahoo!!! ...more

House Hunting….kinda

Hi from sunny (and HOT) Madison, Wisconsin!!! I’m here for my work conference and, unfortunately, brought the Tucson heat with me! Just last week the average temperatures were in the mid-80s ....more

Cheap Lemonade

We went over to a friend’s house to go swimming in their pool this past weekend. My girlfriend ran inside for a moment and emerged with the BEST lemonade ever! I asked her if it was store-bought or homemade because it was so dang good! ...more

Ashley’s July Debt Update + General Life Updates

It’s that time of month where our checks have all come in, bills have all been paid, and we’re getting to see how much progress we were able to make on debt. And – spoiler alert – it was a good month for debt payments!!!! First, let’s get right to the debt table… Place Current Balance APR Last Payment Made Last Payment Date Original debt, March 2014 Navient $65811 6.55% $4383 July $74218 ACS Student Loans $8596 6.55% $20 July $8215 Balance Transfer Student Loan #2 $6350 0% (through April 2017) $500 July $7650 Medical Bills $5761 0% $25 July $9000 Balance Transfer student loan #1 $0 0% - Paid off in March 2016 $5937 PenFed Car Loan $0 2.49% - Paid off in January 2016 $24040 License Fees $0 2.5% - Paid off in April 2015 $5808 BoA CC $0 7.24% - Paid off in June 2014 $2220 Mattress Firm $0 0% - Paid off in May 2014 $1381 Wells Fargo CC $0 13.65% - Paid off in May 2014 $7697 Capital One CC $0 17.9% - Paid off in March 2014 $413 Totals $86,518 (June balance = 91,058) $4928 Starting Debt = $145,472 It’s still exciting to see so many empty rows, the debts having been paid off ....more

Under Contract

We are now officially under contract!!! Not hubs & I (we still haven’t even started house-hunting, but plan to start in August!! Can’t wait!!!) – my dad’s Utah house! ...more