Planning a Two Week Hiatus

Tomorrow we leave for Texas to visit my family…3 brothers, 1 nephew, parents and several doggy niece and nephews. We will be traveling for a little over two weeks....more

Looking Back

I had a quick call with my parents today in anticipation of our arrival at their home for our 1 1/2 weeks visit this coming Saturday (we leave tomorrow.) And I mentioned to my dad very briefly how it’s taken me nearly 40 years (not quite there yet) to realize just all that he and my mom did for me growing up. I know how blessed I was growing up, I realized that shortly after getting out on my own and having to pay my own bills. But I really did not know how blessed ....more

What did you accomplish?

I gave myself a financial task list last week to prepare for my impending departure (tomorrow!) Nothing got done. Rather, nothing got completely done. I feel like my gazelle like intensity has come to a grinding halt, and has been there for a while now ....more

Prices are a’rising

This is nothing new. Happens every year, am I right? You get the letter from (insert name here) and you discover that the prices are rising ....more

Hair Care

For you readers who have been around awhile…. Remember the struggles Emily had with getting her hair done? I think hair care was one of her big weaknesses (as eating out is one of mine) ....more

Eating Out

I was listening to an old Dave Ramsey radio show podcast this past week and heard an incredible couple who were doing their debt-free scream (side note: this is now a secret dream of mine. I’ve always wanted to go to Nashville. Wouldn’t it be grand to plan a trip to celebrate being totally debt-free!!!! ...more

Happy Monday

Good morning, friends! I hope your Monday isn’t a Moan-day! (har har har) In light of the recent happenings, I debated whether or not I would address or acknowledge what has gone on ....more

Jim Will No Longer Be Blogging Here

This is just a quick note to keep all the regular readers informed. Nate and I had a discussion today and decided it was in the best interest of the blog to ask Jim to leave. He will no longer be blogging here ....more


There are a couple of big financial changes happening over here. I’ve been hinting at these, but I wanted to wait until things were official before sharing with you guys. Let’s start with the first financial change… ....more

Financial Task List

After the last couple of weeks’ craziness, we finally had some down time last week and wow, it was great to breathe....more