Blogging Away Debt

I run the website Personal Finance Advice and Financial Baby Steps with my niece Margot. All are dedicated to saving people money and helping them get their finances in order.

Brace Payment Be Gone

Braces have been part of our lives for almost five years now. You can read some history in these two older posts. A Car or Braces Braces – Part II But I am excited to announce that as of yesterday, all brace debt is GONE! ...more

First Paycheck = FAIL!!!

I received my first full paycheck at my new rate of pay. I was shocked that it was much lower than I had anticipated (even after using a couple online calculator programs to try to accurately predict take-home pay)....more

Hope’s Fall 2017 Monthly Budget

Without further ado, my new monthly budget. Description Monthly Budget Total $2,819 Rent $650 Groceries $600 Health Insurance $305 Gymnastics $300 Auto (gas & maintenance) $300 Utilities $250 Entertainment $200 Auto/Rent Insurance $130 Gym Membership $50 Netflix $12 Bill (paid annually) Life Insurance $22 Some important things to note....more

Fully Vested and Planning for Retirement

Just as I was getting my monthly budget together, the quarter was up and I was given the opportunity to invest in the company sponsored 401K plan…fully vested immediately....more

Making Extra Money at the Beach This Summer

I love the beach. In fact, I spend as much time as I can at the beach every summer. The problem I had for years was that going to the beach seemed to be a waste of my valuable time when it came to earnings ....more

The True Cost of a Deck

Thanks for all the comments on my latest post about motivation. I’ve taken the comments to heart and am really doing some serious pondering and life planning for moving forward. I’m trying to minimize the financial bleeding this summer, and then jump back full-force in August with some renewed energy....more

Finances & Fitness

Hubs has become quite the fitness aficionado lately. Remember back in 2015 when he lost a ton of weight? He ended up losing 60 lbs ....more

How to Deal with New Financial Concerns for a New Generation

In agrarian times, people were more concerned about crops than money. Then again, crops were money. No wheat, no eat ....more

Money in the Bank

I feel like I’ve hit a milestone today that I hadn’t really thought of…money in the bank. I’m not talking about the 10% I’ve been setting aside in a hard to reach savings account. I’m talking about there being several hundred dollars in my primary daily living account that is not earmarked for some upcoming bill or that I’m watching like a hawk to make sure I can cover something that is coming up....more

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Locking Your Credit

In today’s internet-driven world, finances are a mixed bag. Online banking services and tools make it easier to manage your money, but it’s also given thieves more ways to steal from unsuspecting victims. I personally have had my PayPal account hacked in the past, but fortunately, PayPal refunded the money that was illegally withdrawn ....more