Happy Friday

Hi, friends! It’s been a busy week (first week of classes and all)! It’s been crazy juggling everything but I really LOVE my job! ...more

Floundering a Bit on a Plan – Too Much Going On

I am typically pretty decisive on my plan, but I’m really floundering this time around....more

Weekly Debt Update #22- Life After Debt

This past week, I’ve done some thinking on what life after debt will be like once all my student loans are paid for. It’s actually something I think about quite often, well not really think per se, more like daydream. So this past week I started formulating plans of what I’m hoping to accomplish ....more

Halloween 2016

I know we’re still in August and just doing the back-to-school thing, but I want to skip ahead a bit and talk about Halloween! Last year we didn’t really “do” Halloween as a family because my friend got married, so I was busy with wedding festivities. As a result, ...more

Ashley’s August 2015 Debt Update

Happy Monday, all! It’s officially the first day of the Fall semester for both of my jobs (the full-time in-person position & part-time online teaching position. If you didn’t hear – I recently posted the good news about keeping my online job!) ....more

Over the Hump!

In spite of some setbacks personally ...more

Housing Decision Made – Finally!

We are staying put....more

Hope’s Debt Update – August, 2015

I was so excited last week when I published my new budget…$2000 every month to figure out what to do with…yeah, no, I totally forgot about the impending Braces for Sea Cadet and Princess....more

Weekly Debt Update #21- New Budget

Hey everybody! Happy Tuesday! I want to share with everyone what I’m going to start using as my new budget now that I’m on the 2nd phase on my debt payoff ....more

Summer Book Club Review: Your Money or Your Life

I’m a little late with my review, as Your Money or Your Life was supposed to be our July book for our summer book club and I just finished it. Better late than never, right? In June I reviewed Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money ....more