Blogging Away Debt

I run the website Personal Finance Advice and Financial Baby Steps with my niece Margot. All are dedicated to saving people money and helping them get their finances in order.

The Savings

I received several questions about the $200 budget item towards savings that I listed in my last post....more

Christmas on a Shoestring Budget

Today we leave to stay at my grandmother’s in Georgia for a month....more

The Budget

I have to apologize for not getting the budget post up sooner, we had a stomach bug ravage the house, and I have been behind ever since! Here is our budget for December: Projected income:...more

Ashleys November 2016 Debt Update

Another month is over – time for another debt update! November was a good month! In some regards it was pretty pricey (hello, new house!!!), but in other ways we were able to be thrifty and save ....more

Different Priorities

Hello BAD community, thank you for your inquiries....more

The Debt

First off, I want to thank everyone for the warm welcomes that they have given me! I really do appreciate having someone in my corner cheering me on! It’s time for the nitty gritty details of our debt and I can honestly say that I am embarrassed about admitting how much debt we have, however, I am even more embarrassed to admit that I had NO idea how much we had until I started adding this up! ...more

My Loan Request Was DENIED!!!

First thing’s first. Welcome, Amy! I’m so excited to have another blogger up in the mix! ...more

Hello there!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone! My name is Amy and I am joining the bloggers here in the BAD community! I am so looking forward to the support that this community offers, and hope that we can encourage and inspire each other! ...more

Student Loan Refinance

I’m sure I sound like a total flake after just saying (in my most recent post) that I likely would NOT be refinancing all of my student loans at this time….but now I’m leaning the other way again. Here’s the deal – Navient just won’t get their act together and stop pissing me off! It’s just such a terrible company to do business with ....more

We Bought A House!!!!!

We did it! After endless back-and-forth negotiations, a variety of snags and snafus, and having to change our closing date not once but TWICE, we are officially home owners! YAY!!!!! ...more