Get Your Business Rolling!

As a small business owner, one of the many challenges that I faced was financing. I think I speak for others when I say that business loans are one of the biggest challenges for SMBs today. The reason I say this is that banks are tightening their requirements when it comes to approving individuals for business loans ....more

5 Point Plan for Getting Out of Debt

Debt could be good because it affords you an opportunity to use tomorrow’s money to meet today’s needs. However, debt when not properly managed can cast very dark shadows over your finances and make it hard for you to become financially secure. This article provides five actionable steps that could help you improve your odds of getting out of debt faster and permanently ....more

Life Lately

Hello, friends! I apologize for my absence! June has been an absolute whirlwind of a month! ...more

The End of a Decade plus

Hello BAD Community, I apologize for my long absence. I’ve visited often, with the thought to write an update, but never seem to focus on something to write about....more

Giving Along The Way

On my way to work this morning I was listening to an old episode of the Dave Ramsey Show (side note with some of my favorite podcasts to check out: ...more

Summer Camping!

Today was officially my kids’ last day of preschool!!!!!! Starting in the “Fall” (which is August 2nd...more

When is it Safe to Use Up Your Emergency Fund?

Would you say it’s safe to use your emergency funds to pay off credit card debt? Many would see this as insane, unheard of, or outright unwise. Who would presently touch their emergency funds when it will come in handy if you need it the most in future? ...more

Creative Ways to Save Money when Moving

If you’re anything like me, moving can be quite daunting. Besides the sheer volume of labor, there is a lot to figure out. What made our move more challenging was that our family is on a tight budget, we had some major time constraints such as only having the evening and weekends to get our packing done, and we had accumulated a lot of stuff over the years.Below are some of the major and minor saving steps we took ....more

Loan Defaults and 5 Ways to Get Out of It

In layman’s term, loan defaults are simply debt that you weren’t able to pay. Loan defaults apply to any type of loan – car, home, student, SBA, 401K, payday loans, and the most common – credit cards. Defaults will be incurred once a consumer fails to pay the borrowed amount to their lender, and once a certain period of time has elapsed, your debt will be recorded and will forever be a part of your credit history – which is what you want to avoid ....more

Student Loan Forgiveness Program To Be Cut???

Has anyone seen this news story floating around the interwebs? The headline reads: “Trump to Propose Scrapping Beleaguered Student Loan Forgiveness Program.” It’s got a big picture of Betsy...more