Whee! All The Way Home

The moment I've waited years for has arrived. I've managed to quit work to stay home and raise the many -- okay, three -- kids I have. That makes me a reformed working mother. I don't believe that will make me become like a reformed smoker or a reformed liberal -- the antithesis of all I was before. I blog because I've always had things to say. And now there are no adults around me every day to say them to. And I blog because I'm a writer. Who really should be writing her book.

Be Happy, for me

The exchange with Eldest, in text.Me: I didn't tell you enough that I love you and I hope you get everything you want. Safe travels, honey.Eldest: I love you too Mom. Please try to be happy, for me?Me: I'm so very happy for you ....more

A Recipe for Remembering

My father had a very favorite dessert that my mom would make on special occasions. I think I know the genesis of the recipe but I could be wrong. I believe the woman who passed the recipe onto my mother was the wife of a fellow Air Force officer ....more

Tears on my Pillows

I can't tell you how much they fought over letting their aunt stay in their room. If she was granted a stay there, she would leave her scent. Her very distinctive scent.And so now, when she has departed again, I go into the room she stayed to breathe her in.It's her.And it's her in all the glory I remember her ....more

A Christmas Story

It is Christmas. And my kids are all home. If I live long enough, they won't be here, all together, because they will have lives to lead ....more

Somewhere Between 2 and 19 Years of Age

I'm not sure it's a true memory. When people ask me what the earliest memory I have is, I most definitely age myself by telling them it was when JFK was assassinated. I am just over two years old ....more


A few weeks ago, one of my employees passed away. She'd taken time off starting in late August. She had a pre-existing kidney condition and it had apparently flared up ....more

Clearly, I'm not Tech Savvy

The several regular readers I have know that Youngest is futbol crazy. Give that boy a futbol, and he's all over it.Oh, sorry, you're mostly Americans. I don't mean handball crazy ....more

No Title

This is not my story. It is someone else's story. I didn't live it ....more

Groundhog Day at its Worst

Another mass murder by some 18-24 year old white dude with a grudge. Again and again and again.Nothing anyone will do about it beyond wringing their hands, or, you know, saying if only someone had a gun to stop him.Stuff happens.We'll look at the shiny object for a day. Maybe two ....more

Pope Soap on a Rope

It is 1987, and my best friend, Lori, is visiting. Her visit happens to coincide with a visit from Pope John Paul II.It is mere months after my father died, and maybe that's why I remember it with seeming clarity this many years later. It also happens to be mere weeks before I'll be visiting her, with Springsteen's "Tunnel of Love" newly released ....more