Whee! All The Way Home

The moment I've waited years for has arrived. I've managed to quit work to stay home and raise the many -- okay, three -- kids I have. That makes me a reformed working mother. I don't believe that will make me become like a reformed smoker or a reformed liberal -- the antithesis of all I was before. I blog because I've always had things to say. And now there are no adults around me every day to say them to. And I blog because I'm a writer. Who really should be writing her book.

A Small World

The irony is not lost on me that my very next post after my last one following Nice would be this one, the one where I note that it's a small world. It was made smaller for me and mine -- especially Eldest -- when he was out and about on his last day of "freedom" in Europe before he made the trek to Berlin for his study abroad session. He was in a biergarten in a happening place, joining thousands of others out on a Friday evening.It's a small world, all right, as he discovered in Munich, caught up in the shooting that killed nine, all of those nine shot dead by a man younger than Eldest ....more

Something Happened in the World Today

I was going to start by complaining that I attended a meeting that lasted from 9 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. today and how I never thought a meeting could actually take all freakin' day -- and even go 15 minutes past the listed end time.I was then going to bitch about how, even hitting the road home later than usual, traffic was at a freakin' standstill and it took an extraordinarily long time to slog my way home.I was furthermore going to start by harping on the fact that some kid who was supposed to be picked up an hour ago is still here.Instead, I choose to start with this:I hadn't heard the news about something happening in the world today until I was driving home. Near about 80 were killed in Nice. [The English speakers among us look at that typed word in that sentence and ponder many an antonym to "nice."] Bastille Day ....more

The Visitor

He came to stay for a full four weeks. You always wonder if you’ll have it in you to have a guest stay for such a very long time. If house guests, like fish, go bad after three days, what happens after four weeks? ...more

Be Happy, for me

The exchange with Eldest, in text.Me: I didn't tell you enough that I love you and I hope you get everything you want. Safe travels, honey.Eldest: I love you too Mom. Please try to be happy, for me?Me: I'm so very happy for you ....more

A Recipe for Remembering

My father had a very favorite dessert that my mom would make on special occasions. I think I know the genesis of the recipe but I could be wrong. I believe the woman who passed the recipe onto my mother was the wife of a fellow Air Force officer ....more

Tears on my Pillows

I can't tell you how much they fought over letting their aunt stay in their room. If she was granted a stay there, she would leave her scent. Her very distinctive scent.And so now, when she has departed again, I go into the room she stayed to breathe her in.It's her.And it's her in all the glory I remember her ....more

A Christmas Story

It is Christmas. And my kids are all home. If I live long enough, they won't be here, all together, because they will have lives to lead ....more

Somewhere Between 2 and 19 Years of Age

I'm not sure it's a true memory. When people ask me what the earliest memory I have is, I most definitely age myself by telling them it was when JFK was assassinated. I am just over two years old ....more


A few weeks ago, one of my employees passed away. She'd taken time off starting in late August. She had a pre-existing kidney condition and it had apparently flared up ....more

Clearly, I'm not Tech Savvy

The several regular readers I have know that Youngest is futbol crazy. Give that boy a futbol, and he's all over it.Oh, sorry, you're mostly Americans. I don't mean handball crazy ....more