Hey Mona!

I am from the small Pacific island of Saipan and now live in Seattle. I'm a mom, blogger and stand-up comic.

Something that would surprise you about me: I was the 1,000th blogger to use the original Blogger in 1999, long before Blogspot and Google.  I also graduated with a senior class of SEVEN people.  And four of us were salutatorians.  Still not sure about that one.

I blog at http://www.kirida.com   

Wayson’s Working Binder

I’m not a big fan of the United airplanes I took on my way home to Saipan this summer. There were no in-flight tv screens or even a tv screen in the aisle so we could all watch “We Bought a Zoo” or some inane movie like that. The United app had some shows on it, but that meant you had to have a smart phone and some way to charge it throughout the flight because there was only outlet between two seats and had to be shared ....more

Gym, rats

don’t do this I redeemed my free personal training session that my new gym offered when I signed up. The trainer seemed nice enough but I forget most of what she said because she calculated my body mass index and said, “Well, it’s in the red” even though the chart was like 1% normal and 99% MOST OBESITY. Why is there even an index when most people are just going to fail? ...more

Nice things lately

I have to put together a list of nice things that have happened because I complain too much. God do I complain. All the time! ...more

story of a dress

A few weeks ago, I was in the Nordstrom Rack dressing room, clutching the fabric of an expensive dress on sale. It was a gorgeous dark purple gown, marked down to $40 from $279. But it was long ....more

You do you, unless you’re a Chamorro daughter 

I’m going to Saipan in August. Saipan in August is the hottest time of the year, in one of the hottest places in the world. It’s an island with cool blue water...more

the cost of a heart attack 

I waited at the gate to retrieve my children and Nathan fit his body into the hole below the ride to pick up a penny he saw while the ride was moving. A penny. Luckily everything was secure and he slipped in and out, but I was too far to pull him out in case something did happen, and all I could do was just yell my child’s name....more

On ten years of baby blogging

I’ve had this blog, this space, this vat of digital weirdness since 1999 which was right after Nostradamus wrote his predications. I took a break sometime in college, only really bringing it back to life when I graduated from the University of Washington and had a baby. If there’s anything that can fill the time before facebook and Pinterest and Which Sex and the City Character Are You quizzes (Spoiler: I’m Steve’s Mom! ...more

What I want for Mother’s Day

Next week this baby boy will be 10 years old. And somehow I haven't aged at all. #forever23 A photo posted by Mona Concepcion (@kirida) on Apr 30, 2016 at 6:34pm PDT I want the pink Juicy Couture knock-off sweat pants I wore my sophmore year of college ....more

Now in Seattle’s Child Magazine!

Sometimes it hurts to be a mom and comedian when you’re about to go to a show and your kid is suctioned to your leg and begging you not to go because he’ll be lonely....more

Single-serving friends

snapchat: all my pocket friends are doing it I love the line in...more