The Fosters: Going South

The title of the episode is in no way a euphemism for any bedroom acts between Stef and Lena this week, y'all. In fact, things couldn't be worse in that department, but we'll get to that later. A lot of last night's show felt like fan service, didn't it? ...more

Devious Maids: Talk of the Town

Shall we give another shot at our favorite Atlanta-as-Beverly-Hills posse of maids and maid-adjacent individuals? Let's do it! Genevieve gets questioned by a detective about this Louie Becker fellow ....more

The Fosters: More Than Words

Just try convincing me that the episode title doesn't make you think of the Extreme ballad that, let's face it, was pretty much about how if his ladylove didn't start giving him more BJ's instead of just telling him she loved him, she was out the door. Where was I? The Fosters! ...more

Devious Maids: Since You Went Away

Let's visit some Devious Maids, shall we? My apologies in advance for whatever confusion I might experience. I binge-viewed the first two seasons of this show, and am finding it harder to remember details in weekly form now that I'm actually watching the episodes as they air! ...more

The Fosters: Déjà Vu

I can't be the only one today who was pretty amused by several headlines like, "The Fosters has found Jesus!" Well, infantile sense of humor or not, I'm curious to see how the new Jesus works out. A.J. is staying with the Adams Fosters, because of course he is. A.J. gets really confused about the unconventionality of this family. Brandon turns up and finds out that his father is planning to foster A.J., you know, at dinner in front of everyone which is always the best way. Let's face it, though, I don't really care about how Brandon feels ....more

The Fosters: Wreckage

I am endlessly confused by how these mini-seasons work on ABC Family (Season 2B is a thing!), but I believe this is the first episode of Season 3. The Fosters is back, y'all! As you might recall, when we were last with our lovely non-traditional family, Callie's bio-father was no longer fighting for custody and Callie was about to be adopted by the Adams-Foster family and this time nothing could stop them! ...more

Day's Dumbest Dialogue

It's been a while since there's been enough inspiration to do a post in this category! Thanks, B&B! But seriously ....more

A Small Concern

Look, she's a pretty girl, which perhaps is the biggest problem here. I'm trying to understand why, at the ripe old age of 28, Jacqueline McInnes Wood has felt it necessary to have this much work done? I'm not mad, I'm just worried, y'all ....more

An Open Apology to the Assassins of the World

Sorry, hit men. And your bosses. The ways you suffer ....more

The Lady & the... Hold On, What Just Happened?

(WARNING: much actual sincerity ahead.) Full disclosure: today was going to be it. My revisits to both B&B and GH were going to end after today. GH because today is the last live episode and other than that novelty and the now-concluded Nurses Ball, it's clear the show is All Mob All The Time, which doesn't interest me in the least (more on GH in another post later!) ....more