Between Selfie & Self-Flagellation

When I was in high school I would pour through the pages of Elle magazine, carefully tearing out the images that spoke to me to tape on my wall. I created a collage that was equal parts aspiration and self-flagellation. I was not those women, but I might be able to be like those women ....more

Something Else

Dinner was late; my plan to bake a chicken was thwarted by a conversation that ran long. Doing the what-to-make scramble, I grabbed a package of ground beef from the freezer, a box of linguine noodles and fixings for a halfway-homemade sauce. “Can we do the beds?” I asked ....more

Got My Eye On You

The moment they put Briar in my arms on that September morning I realized that I would never see anything the same. Watching her nurse, take her first bite of cereal, the expressions on her face as she felt spring rain, snow, and the fur of a kitten—I was riveted. I still am, but for the first time I am truly aware of how much she is watching me ....more

10 Pick-me-ups That Cost Nothing

Raising three kids I get how easily one can fall into a couple of predictable: Rewarding good behavior with sweets. Rewarding good behavior with purchase. Depriving ourselves of time or forgiveness ....more


Her middle name is Frost, after her maternal great grandmother, so it should have come as no surprise that she’d take to skiing. We made our way to Vermont early, the winter sun ricocheting spectacularly off of the wide expanses of snowy Vermont country side. It was one of those drives that leaves me quiet, awed by the privilege of living in a place so beautiful it will make you believe in a god, magic, and fairy tale endings ....more

My Sidekick: Guilt

We were on our way back from a wildly successful 3-day business trip when I called my mother-in-law...more

New (York) State of Mind

We arrived in the city mid-afternoon Sunday. The weeks behind us pocked with deadlines, presentations, performances and snow days. The trip was for work, with client meetings sandwiching sessions on intellectual property law and grant applications—not exactly a mental vacation, but that didn’t stop me from trying to find inspiration ....more

Spirit Booster

I woke up this morning feeling the tiniest bit blue. Ok, it was the biggest bit blue, like if you needed to put a name on the blue, it would have taken a Crayola 64-pack of just shades of blue to get even close. Sean did his best to cheer me up ....more

Vintage Vision #tbt

This week has been a blur, largely because this week really began on Saturday, or maybe it’s that last week never ended. Either way, all I know is that on Tuesday night I was flipping through photos and said to Sean, “Hey, I know I’m a little late, but I’m going to make this my Throwback Thursday photo on Instagram before we start Downton Abbey.” He smiled. I smiled back thinking that he was getting gooey about the photo ....more

Like the present

They started warning of a storm on Sunday, by Tuesday excitement was crackling, kids and parents alike were talking about backwards pjs and upside down spoons to help the storm along. It look remarkably flat and unremarkable to me. I kept the girls’ excitement in check with mild clucking and, “I don’t know girls, it doesn’t look very snowy.” They begrudgingly did their homework, but not before making me promise that they could go skiing with Sean if school was, in fact, cancelled ....more