Today marks five-years since Thalon died. It seems like yesterday. It seems like it really didn't happen ....more

burn this mother down!

The basket? merely a suggestion. AND don't even get me started with pants turned inside out, socks in an inside-out ball...more

i'm not dead

Yet. Just quiet. This...more


I want to go back in time to when I was 22 and all I had to worry about was being able to afford cable, my late night drunken tator tots and being a bridesmaid for like, eternity. ...more

Pisces unite

Tomorrow is my birthday. Whippity Fucking Do! I will be Forever 21~ in my mind, not my body....more


Since we last met, I have really tried to direct myself in a more positive working pattern. I said, 'tried." Since my twenty-one-year old Graphic Design degree is pretty much worthless, I have been relying on the internet and my old school skills in designing my site for that other venture I have talked about FOREVER but never really do anything about with much devotion. I have had a few opportunities come my way and I feel I subconsciously sabotage myself in really putting myself out there with a complete volume of work and examples ....more

all over the place

I'm sitting here at my computer while trying to avoid the things I need to do most. Yes, I know, different day, same problem. I currently have a multitude of internet windows open in which I check, re-check and double check as to fill my mind of something akin to a creative spirit ....more

I can never measure up

Man, Oh, Man! Have I have had a rough couple of days. Back story in case you didn't know because obviously you are new to this site: I started this place of self-exploration and purging something of the like, almost nine years ago....more

lean and mean

We have had a massive round of sickamaggedon around here for the past two weeks or maybe even more....more


January 4th was the last time I said anything? What in the Sam-Hell have I been doing? I don't know ....more